Hashtag Lost. Two

It is a silly thing ever to tell someone else that you’re lost in this life. They could never fathom you or worst, they will belittle and laugh at you, deep down. Any of it couldn’t help you to find what you’ve lost.

I seek peace in prayers. I think what I had lost is that connection. I gain my strength in sujood, when I whispered to Him what my day was like. And (not) surprisingly, I felt like a whole and complete one again. Yes, through prayers you (and I) will find the utmost peace.

Still lost, anyway. But when you have faith on Allah and believe that everything isn’t that difficult, just relax.

Sit back and relax.


Hi birds. You’re stunning!


Its like two days ago when I saw a bird munched on unfinish green apple. Today I saw they hold an earthworm with their beak,  walking cutely in pair. Sometimes the bird fly in a group and the chosen bird will lead the way while their family (or maybe friends well, who knows) followed.

The stunning view is when the sun starts to set down. They fly in very beautiful formation from tree to tree. I know the want to pray together.hehe.

I can watch them for hours but well, I have a long to-do list.

Reminds me the theory of Rezeki. Allah gives to those who seek. To those who want and pray. Like the birds, they fly out from their nest very early in the morning and catch the first worm. I bet you know the famous quote about birds, early and worms, aren’t you?

Patient and effort and pray – I can’t see any beautiful combination other than that.

Sometimes the words settled in weird ways. I want to relate it to something but I didn't find the exact words yet. Its like incomplete riddles.

Life Plan


Around 1 am when I can’t get my eyes close, something keep wandering in my mind. I dumped into a thought ; a long thought. It is about how I want to live my life tomorrow and in the future. What I really want in my life and what I want to do.

I woke up and turn on the light back again, and draft this with hand on my forehead, thinking. Haha, it is really funny how I worried about my life. How it will be going; I am really care about it recently. ‘Recently’ ya!

I am 21 years old and may be it is time to really think about future and how my life will be going. (*or it is quite late?Nothing is too late 😛 )DSC04466

I am fully understand that as we planned, Allah also planned. Indeed, Allah’s plan is the best evah!

I submitted my life and myself fully to Allah. May this 1am-plan work! 🙂

At the age of 26, I should live in ‘a team’. Who will be the members?

Question mark, again. Life is a question mark,huh?

my biggest trust is on my Creator and HE isThe Best Planner.
my biggest trust an Faith is on my Creator and HE is The Best Planner.