A Short Escapism [Melaka – KL – Cameron Highland]

Okay, here it is. Some short-pictured-story-update about the awesome trip. Had so much fun since that was my first time joining a vacation trip with my family after four to five years of ketinggalan. Haha. Even it is not an abroad trips like they had during my absences, it’s okay. We had a lot of fun though.

It is a trip by mom’s school staffs and due to the cheap trip fees, apa lagi? We joined lah.

The most exciting part of course, at the Cameron Highland! I imagined every single bits of Kundasang all the way there. haha. My last trip here was about 7 years ago and yes, it is true Cameron Highland is not as cold as before.

On top of that, it is a great trip!


Entered this, it was fascinating since I am obsess with honey. Surprised to see their ‘honey collection’ – each of them have their own function like Propolis Honey is for sore throat and cough. I wish to have all types of the honey at my home later! heh


at MARDI Cameron Highland. It is a big institute I told you! If I am a plant science student, I swear to apply some jobs in there.


Lavendar at MARDI


Well, still at MARDI. It is a big garden and here we are – the girls and mom. They said four of us is like sibling. couldn’t agree more! haha. seemed alike.


broccoli hunting! It is much much more fresh and cheap. How I wish to live there for the broccoli sake.


highland is strawberry-land.


the lavendar garden! Couldn’t believe my eyes, they are all beautiful.


an elegant red flower. Kalau boleh semua gambar bunga nak close-up

dah kenapa gembira sangat. haha

dah kenapa gembira sangat. haha


another flower. My proud photographic art 😛


and the always- beautiful mom :]


Kind of guilty for enjoying this since our Kelantanese (and some more affected states) friends are struggling to live from the dreadful flood. May Allah grants us patience and strength to face all this tests.

*start to make my detox water for the over-eating along the trip. :\ This time, I can add-on some strawberries! Can’t wait to see how it tastes.


more than words

A quick update about our grand gathering today. Well, it supposed to be a close, and a kita-kita-je (girls) event, but it turned out to be a whole class event. So much fun seeing those smiles and laughter.

Got a box of chocolate,to make me gain weight. Haha. No, I love it. Thanks!



Someday,will miss all these more than words can say.

Short story

of hidden reality

I had my unfallen tears holding on my eyes. As long as I doesn’t give it a blink, the tears will remain, and perhaps I could give enough time for it to dry up by itself. My heart ached and become more aching as I look deep into her eyes. She is smiling but I know, she hurts.

I can see the sorrow inside her. The feeling of not being appreciated by her parents for everything she had achieved. Her parents are too busy entertaining this hollow world, and keep embarrassing in showing their love to her.

“Have you tried calling them?”

I asked.

She nodded. Long after that, she released out a heavy burden sound. “Yes, I did. That day, when..”

She seemed to not be able to continue on her words. I give a gentle touch on her left shoulder. I understand, it is hard for her to open and pour down everything that are nested inside her heart cage. It is difficult.


Sun had set down –  beautifully, goldenly. Just try to record a part of the pieces of nowadays reality. Maybe some of us had a perfect family, had been showered by a lots of warm love by their parents and everyone around them.

But not everybody experienced the same. Maybe the smiling faces that we met every single day, have their own hidden story. Story of their lacking of love, and attention from their families. Until they decided to just stand still, and smile for everything remain. I wonder, how parents could be so ignorance. I know they wouldn’t.

But maybe if they can change their way a little bit? Maybe they can try express some love to their children so that they wouldn’t feel so lonely on this world. Maybe?

Pity her. I know she can survive. I will be with her, till the end I promised.

Just a story. Deserted one.

Camera 360

gambar hiasan :]

Personal, Review



Here it is. Packing my goods to return to the Land of the Hornbills. About 2 months plus being here, I can say that it is a meaningful holiday as a lots of things happen, a lot of first-time events, and a lot of things and situation changed,too. Supposedly, this holiday should be used to write my FYP proposal and whatsoever things involved, but I am not in that mood yet. I mean, this is holiday. One and only time left to be at home, surrounding by family, and you ask me to stay sit, read and read and eat and sleep?

This holiday marked my first time of driving with abah’s permission as before this, he was too woried about me when I hold the steering. Whenever I am driving, he must be at my side. Talking and ordering, which is actually a mountain of advices, which is actually a way of expressing his ultimate love for me,hehe i am a lucky daughter. As I’m not used to drive frequently after getting the license, he worried if I can’t drive properly, parked properly, use the proper road and so so so. I know I can do it if I am confident. So, now, I can drive freely. Abah already put his condidence on me and I should drive more frequent after this,right? 😀

Early during the holiday, was my first time feeling the awesomeness of a train. Haha, went KL by train, I thought train will be so messy and crowded like one I saw in Bollywood’s movie. But then, the thought just flew ayay. It is far better than I thought.

Not to forget, Iismy first time of working in a longer time.Haha! My first-previous-work took only my four days,and after that, I resigned. Weird thing about me is just I cant do the same work day by day. I hate it.

But, this time, I worked for 11 days, which is far more better than the four days.Of course la kan,hehe. Well, working in a boutique is not that bored as I thought. It is bored,sometimes. But maybe I love promoting, and dealing with customers, it is okay for me to work in a longer time.

It made me realised that, to work under other peoples (employer) does not give me much joy and freedom, and because of that, Intan, Nabilah and I planned to own a business,someday. InsyaAllah! One thing that I realised whenever we in trio sit together, we started to build and think of a dream. Dream by dream, firing up by the urge and desperation to fulfill them,well, I have to say that I love to live with a dream. After all, reality blocks are made up by a single dream,right?

and something has changed too.

Till then, my luggage seems can’t be zipped up, and departure time is keep ticking and ticking. A new life waiting, and I will return here someday, as a new person, hopefully. Pray so that I can graduate on time!

and why it is raining and raining outside? I guess it’s saying “goodbye,will miss you,do the best” to me.

Thanks, rain! and did I mentioned to you that all your water droplet look gorgeous when it touches my window and the gorund?


of Eid 2013


Here it is, my Eid story and pic. How grateful I am to be home during every Ramadhan and Eid. Alhamdulillah. Eid for me, beside celebrating our victory of a month fasting, it is also for family gathering.


This is one of my favourite family pics. Having 2 dad and 2 moms, I am a happy and proud daughter. I hope that this relationship will be never end and may we have chance to live together again in Jannatul Firdaus in hereafter.

A lot of peoples get married during this Eid and I really enjoyed eating the tasty lauk kenduri.Haha! And at my cousin’s ceremony, there was an auntie asking me when will I get married. Haha. Well, as you reach 20+ years old, there will be a lot of people asking about your personal life.

I hope I know the answer too,auntie. hehe.But, surely, I have a mountain of dreams and things to do before living with my another half.

So, that was my very short post about my Eid. Happy Eidulfitri! May we have chance to meet Ramadhan again! Ameen.



Abah, they said today is your day.

Father’s Day.

Everyday and every time is your day. Everyday I pray for you and everyday I love you.

I cant say with words how much I appreciate your existence in my life. InsyaALLAH,may Allah give me chance to portray it in other form someday. I had a plan for you and mom in the future 🙂

Unlike others, you are the one that teach me how to cook gulai and masak kurma. It is funny how we cooperate in the kitchen,huh? You also teach me how to operate the fishes fresh from market and every single thing you cook is super awesome! I’m writing this with ‘gulping’ ; remembering of every dishes you made.

You also the one that keep in patience beside me ; teaching me to drive. Haha love to see how worry you are when I made a turn.

It is too much things for me to write it all about your sacrifices along these 21 years.

I always pray so that your heart is keep in living and may we live again, together in Jannatul Firdaus afterwards. Ameen ya Rabbal’alamin.





Study week.

Hope that I manage to finish studying all those facts and theories.

Hope that I can continue my endless ‘cerpen’ and start drowning again with words.

Hope that journey to Sabah will be awesome.

Hope that I can touch down Kedah safely.

Hope that I can eat all those delicacies by mak abah.

Then, hope that I can meet up Ramadhan and how tak sabarnya nak bertarawih!

Hope and hope. This make life goes on in whatever feelings you feel.


Wake me up when the holiday is end.


Alhamdulillah. My endless gratitude to Allah swt for HIM to continue giving me this awesome life. This means that HE is always give me chances to top up my good deeds, improve myself, my life and everything inside and around me. Sometimes,people failed to see the reason why they still alive ; even me sometimes.

It is about the end of my semester break and this Monday,the semester will continue. Asking about “what I have studied during my holidays?” , my answer is absolutely “No,I’m not. Holiday is holiday!” Right after this break, I have to sit for 4 more papers before having my field trip for Aquatic Vertebrate and Mangrove & Estuaries Ecology. And for sure, after the field trip,there’s thousands things to settle up.

About the study, InsyaAllah, I pray that I can manage it well. It is time to re-open my schedule, mind maps, revision books and whatsoever things related to my study. Plus, I must refresh my spirit and motivation to stay strong and motivated!

These days and weeks, there’s a lot of changes that I made. I mean,decisions ; some of them are really important decisions to make. Finally, I did it. Removing intruders before it goes deeper and I just like ” Throw everything and Rely on Allah. Just on Allah.”. That made me feel better and Alhamdulillah, in peace.

I think, I should lift up my pen to write some writings since there’s about several weeks that I didn’t produce any. Its not that I am so lazy or what,but it just take time to re-find my inspiration to write again.

Okay,until then. Together we be better than yesterday 🙂

In front of my home. There's a reason why the house is called "home". I miss my home and everything and everyone inside it.

In front of my home. There’s a reason why the house is called “home”. I miss my home and everything and everyone inside it.