Okay. Finally I can sit down and write about this. About our last battle on the final year project! The time we revealed and presented all the one-year works. So, I woke up late on d-day, and rushed to the hall. Haha. Luckily it wasn’t start yet and I still got some time to plan my unplanned script.

I was in very calm state, never did I calm like that before. My heart beat was under controlled and everything seemed smooth. The night before was terrible. I couldn’t do any work because of the wild endless nervous and worries. So I did something that yeah.maybe it helps. Indeed it helps a lot.

I managed to answer all the questions, did some jokes, acknowledged people at the end and got a round of applause.  Then, its ended. That short and simple.

It is better than I’m expected. Alhamdulillah. My SV was satisfied! Really, sometimes we need to trust ourselves. Keep away the negativity and be proud. Be confident. Think that you’re the one who are genius in the hall 😀

Today is mom’s operation. Still, she keeps mentioning she’s okay, everything will be alright, that I don’t have to worry. She is strong. So, I should be strong too. Pray for mom!

Tell the world

*Firework* 😀

Okay. How should I put this? Had been postponed this post because I don’t know where to start. Even writing this make my heart thumping with excitement. Haha, why I took this so serious. Please bear.

I am immensely grateful for this. Alhamdulillah. A gentle pat on my shoulder for keep struggling this hard. I swear this is one of the things that I did with all my heart, using all what I have. Not to mention,  it also turned my life upside down. Day become day ; night become day. Haha. Fortunately I am still alive now.

Finally, I can use the acknowledgement sample that I saved last year, taken from an awesome book. When I saved it last year, I have a thought : is it too early for an acknowledgement while I’m not start any single thing yet? Haha. Ignoring the thought,  so I saved it. And finally the day arrived. It is just the matter of time. Isn’t? Despite of showing appreciation to those who might involved, I felt like to write more appreciation to my own self – for being able to stand to the end, for keep having trust and keep reminding that “I can”. Alas I never write so. Sounds like syok sendiri pulak. Heh!

This is not the end yet, for sure. Still got some other things to be settled down. But Alhamdulillah, this major errand at least was accomplished. Anything comes in between or after, I put my biggest trust on Allah. HE knows the best.

Just one thing to ponder. After series by series of sins I made, HE still shows me a way. I’m ashamed.

So. I’m back normal again. As human, yeah tonight will be a night that I can switch off the light,  pull up blanket and enjoy the dream.haha. It had been a tough week and I’m thinking of rewarding my self ☆☆☆

Give this and I will love you FOREVER.haha. tempting gilah


It is raining. What a relief.

That sound when the water drop on the rooftop; is one of the most beautiful sounds on earth.

Return back from lab, after a few hours identifying them under microscope. I noticed something; I will become super sleepy right after the observations and so I need some deep sleep like one to two hours which usually I did. Three days more left for me to write up a brief progression of what I am doing right now, but I have no idea what to write.  Then, I am thinking.

Why I have no idea?

It is my project. I have the right to write anything or any style I want. I shouldn’t scared or being restricted by anything. Ok. So, let make it into the top!

I am jealous with them, how come they are so strong even in high temperature water? Living in such condition where almost nothing can live except cyanobacteria which are formerly known as ancient heat-resistance microorganisms. They live in high colony and seems they rise from a single or two species. The selected and resistant one. But alas in Malaysia, there’s not much published research on them, compared to in Kenya, United States, Taiwan and New Zealand. Hope that this preliminary study of mine will open a wide opportunity for coming scientist and researcher to understand and enhancing this lacking knowledge. Hope that I am not just dreaming.

During my labwork just now, there’s a group of senior master or whatever status they’re but I believe they are somewhat in postgraduate program. I heard some glasses broke (test tube/droppers), high pitch irritating laughter, nonstop talking and kidding. Like, seriously? I hold back my eagerness to ask them to shut up and do their work quietly – like I‘m able to do so. haha. You’re dealing with something seen by naked eyes, but I am in that corner trying my very hard to count each of the minute cell in one microscope’s view. Rude enough.

We are told to do personal reflection on previous field trip and I felt like writing another series of novel; its lengthy! Haha. Glad that my lecturer ask to make it long, because I never know how to make the story short. So, hope this mild rain washes out the painful headache and bring up some coldness. A lot more to settle before next week.

A lot more.




So, yes, today is 2nd day of Eiduladha and day is just back into normal, the routine started again. My last draft of proposal had been handed to me this evening with not much negative comments. Alhamdulillah.Two days left before the real submission and with few here and there minor corrections ; then it is ready to be submitted. Hope for the best!

Final Year Project for me, is like a GAME. I dont know in which exact way it mimics a game, maybe in how much it challenges my capability and triggers my adrenaline to fight for a victory. Feel that I’m running out of time day after day.

I hate this urgentia.




Alhamdulillah. Touch down my university safely and right after it, I took all my goods that stored in a store in my college. It was terribly tired and sweats showered all over my body.Yeah, a month at home,mostly no intense physical activities. That kill me.But,alhamdullilah,now its settled 🙂

Got a new bigger room,so no reason of messy room,right? heee

Yesterday was my first class.Actually my second class but I returned a day late. It was 10-minutes class of Scientific Communication since my other colleague still enjoying their holiday.Just a short brief about learning units and carry mark,etc.

Well,Scientific Communication put more focus on my Final Year Project (FYP). Believe it or not, this semester is my last semester being as a second year students. Next year, I have to stand up on my own feet.

Lecturer advised us to start thinking about the topic that we will choose. Hmm, I sort of puzzled.What topic I should take?What case I should focus on? Who will be my supervisor? and lots more questions.And surely,it is unanswered yet 😀

Something wandered in my mind.But should I follow that? Will see.InsyaAllah.

May Allah ease my jihad. Ameen.