pass like a meteor


I couldn’t afford to write a post a day especially about my internship journey at the Marine Aquaculture Institute or well-known as FRI  (Fisheries Research Institute) Pulau Sayak, Kota Kuala Muda – no matter how eager I am to share and write about it every day.  Life is hectic, and I’m doing well here. Pretty well but boredom – yes, very much even it was just only a week since I started my internship.  Seemed like I’m doing the same thing each day due to the fact that I’ve to retain the surrounding quality of lobster phyllosoma (lobster’s larvea). They are super fragile and really need attention and love! Haha. I pray for the three months to pass like a meteor; beautiful and fast.

There are six more students from UNIMAS that are doing their internship at the same FRI (different department), Alhamdulillah at least I’m not all alone surviving around the men. I wonder why there is no woman worker – excluded the cleaner and office-people; is it too rough for a woman to work there? Met new friends and also the Fadh et al. who are a-year younger from us but have a lot of knowledge and experiences! Proud of them! Oh by the way I met someone who looks very similar to AMIL and SR. 98% similarity! I could never run from the shadows even I’d come to that edge of the world.

There’s no difference of choosing intern place at Sarawak and here at my hometown; no difference because we couldn’t get any holiday even it is Friday and Saturday! It means my dream to return home every single week is just left as ashes. Fly away and disappear. Hopeless dream. The reason is acceptable – because we are working on aquaculture-things, they are living organisms and need food every day. We just need to punch the card in, give them food, exchange the water, monitor its quality, and the goal reached.

The best thing during this period, well, it goes to the ocean! It wins over everything, such a beautiful view I swear. Whenever we arrived there so early (we’re always the earliest human being stepping into the building, haha), we will sit in a line facing the sea and listen to the hypnotic ocean wave. It is lovely to have an ocean right beside the work place. It is a best on go therapy.

I just took a two-day leaves. It is not what I’m supposed to do especially in the first week of intern. But it is holiday in Kedah and I promised to my parents earlier to return home this week. After this, I have to work even on the weekend. I’ll be there like a missing person and working like there’s no tomorrow. Haha.

So, how was your day? It has been a while..

Pray for me so that I can pass through all these successfully. Pray so that everything will turn to be like a meteor, pass in speedy- elegantly like a meteor.

meet mr lobster!
meet mr lobster!
the tanks. my new bestfriends! hee
the tanks. my new best friends! hee
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see? beautiful!

possibility living with your “copy” ?

Okay, this question is interesting. What is the possibility of two peoples that having same interests, thoughts, goals, dreams, and whatever-else that are the same to each other – being together as a pair, as a soulmate and live happily together ever after?

What’s the possibility? Forget about the mathematical formulas but at one bright side, yes, they can live together due to their similarities. Much easier maybe? There will be less fighting and can have much wider discussion about their thoughts. They can do everything they love and enjoy every breath they have. To find a person that love whatever we love, and think the way we think is so difficult. It would be a great moment when they can try a new different thing together, discover brand new hobbies and so on. It is like living with another copy of them. Dark side of this, life could get very bored, but only for those who are close minded. For the open minded people, they will find a creative way to express the similarities. Be creative! Create something fun.

Living together with a totally different people can turn out in two possible ways. It could be a very successful or a very disastrous life. A successful life would result in if they are willing to learn, understand and accept each other. Ability to see an aspect from different views, and willingness to change something would be so much help. I can imagine how colorful their life will be! Mind restriction is the only way that lead to a disastrous life. Lack of effective discussion, refuse to accept different opinions and inability to control emotions are the bomb key. Once it explodes, here comes in the mushrooming divorce issues.

Well, we don’t know and can’t surely expect what type of person we will be live with. If I could choose, I prefer to live with a copy of mine. For the fact of no two persons are exactly alike, we should learn how to adjust and agree in disagrees.

As nothing can guarantee anything, maybe we can try from now. Try to fine-tune our personalities and inner mentalities. After all, type of living – happiness or messiness are all based on the way we handle the problems or the rising situations.

I don’t know, just a silent thought of mine. Maybe they are different in others’ point of view – your thought or sharing are warmly welcome! :]

someone may not be good. But there's something good in every one.
someone may not be good. But there’s something good in everyone. Discover that.

a gift

Today is magical. Totally miracle. I am almost burst into tears and felt like screaming out loud to the world. Before I went out settling my phone bill, I read a book review. A book that was written by a figure that I admired. Newly admired, to be exact. He wrote everything from his pure heart, all his experiences, dreams, journeys, joys and tears, motivations and every single word are meaningful – I seldom felt this kind of strong connection and emotion while reading a book. This book is special, maybe because part of his stories are just the same like mine.

So, I went out. After everything was settled, I wandered around the bookstore and tried to find the book from shelf to shelf even I knew that the possibility to find the book is very low because the bookstore is so small, and the book that I looking for is so on top of the bestseller-list. I don’t know why but I keep on searching. Almost four to five shelves I passed by, no, the book wasn’t there.

Okay, this is the last shelf, I told my self. If I still can’t see the book, I will walk out. I will get the book one find day, I will put the book on my want-to-read book list and look for it later.

And pap! My eyes stopped on the quarter-half of the rack and focused on one of the book spines. Exactly the same tittle, the same author, cover and colour and it just left one copy. Only one copy! Beautifully wrapped with clear plastic, as if it was really for me. It was so precious to let the book stay still on its place. I afraid if I would never find the book again. So, I grabbed it quickly, my heart raced like crazy and I’m in half-frozen state. Lucky me, and I felt so much special.

Usually, the books that I deadly want – are so hard to find on the rack. I know, miracle did exist and as long as you keep on searching, you will find it someday. Today is just my day, and it was magical. I have a strong fate with the book right? hehe, now I feel weird. Why I wrote my journey of buying a book this long and full of reflection?

It is rare, I know.


2014 ; Earth is still spinning in its own orbit. Yeah, flooding, earthquake, storms etc happened and yet Allah loves HIS creatures. STILL love and still give us another new chance. Another chance for us to make everything right, improve ourselves and REPENT for our past sins. We have to seek more on HIS love, aren’t we?

I just reached 21, and today I am 22, literally. It is a 2-days lap. Haha. Well, age is just an annual counting and it doesn’t give any much different. Human just get older in fact.

2014 isn’t a major New Year, Islamic calendar has turned 1435 and there’s less noisy celebration like previous midnight. Blessful things always in silence, right? I guess so.

In fact, ignoring all the fireworks sounds, handphone’s notifications, students’ screaming- I don’t know why they screamed – excited? (and a series of door-knocking), I just sleep all the night until wee hours of the morning. What a fresh feeling when I woke up and I started to do some minor revision. Not long after that..headache attacked. Again! First headache on the first January. Great.

I remembered that I didn’t eat the whole yesterday and some irregular and disturbed sleeps. It worsen my headache. I can’t wait to finish all these and breathe in some fresh air and times somewhere out of this circle.

I remember how good mak abah take care of me that I can never take care of myself like they did. So, what is your 2014’s goal and dreams?

Mine is just “take a really good care of myself”. It is rare, I know.