Friday Blues

I think I’m not the only one who is having Friday Blues today especially when yesterday was holiday and tomorrow is Saturday! If and only if I have a plenty of unused leaves, I wouldn’t be here today, I’ll be enjoying my whole day on my lovely bed and read books instead (while overthinking in between lols).

February, I started to enforce my resolution – bring my own lunchbox as frequent as possible – and I kinda get used to it. It is fun, healthy and simple. By bringing my own food, I am aware of every bit of ingredient / nutrition that goes down into my body system. I am also increasing my water intake, from the inconsistent 2 – 3 L, to the slightly stable 4 – 5 L per day ; which consists of at least 2 L of detox tea. I’m happy to see the results so far. My skin is becoming clearer, no more indigestion, and my body feels lighter. I’m not sure about the pounds since I am quite afraid to put myself on the scale, don’t wanna sound cocky, but yeah I think I’ve been shedding some pounds 😛

A lot of thoughts running in my mind these days. Growing up is not easy. You need to figure out things in your life and put a solid decision on it. At some points, it feels plain stupid for not being able to do what should have done – and for not being able to take control of whatever shits I’m feeling. Life is like that Izni, you are allured by things which is not yours.

Enough of the rant, I started to miss my bed already and it’s just 10.11 am. Damn.



Getting started

So, things just got real.

I signed up for CF gym membership. Finally, Alhamdulillah, all praises belong to Him.

I was really surprised when Ivon, the consultant told me there’s no need to pay advance 2 months fee like I read on the Internet. 

The monthly fee rate is just as expected, I was prepared for that so nothing shocked me. Suitable with its brand and the place it nestled around, I’m satisfied with everything. It has 3 packages, and I opted a very basic package with 12 months contract. Ivon brang me for a short tour, there are 2 studios where all sort of classes happen and open space where equipments like cross fit, treadmill (I come for you baby!), weights, and body scanner are located. Body scanner (I used my own terms since I forgot the specific brand or name) is amazing. It scans every level of your body like trunk, waist, hip and the usual measurements like % water, muscles and body fats – and it will print out the result automatically! How cool is that! Excuse my jakun but dats cool. So I got my very first result of my body content. Not a good sight, really.

I need to lost about 18 kilos more to achieve my ideal weight. Hahaha. 18 kilos. Just wow.

With the package, I will be given 4 sessions with a personal trainer, an access card for a locker and yes! a free bag and towel. 

I see it as an investment. I hope to become a healthier, clean and positive human being.

I can do it, like really, just watch me roar.

And the cute “This is water” bottle water that I bought after signing up the membership. Instantly in love!

How I recovered from a serious acne problem?

Hello FABruary! It’s a very early morning for me to wake up typing like this. Today is my first day of work! Forcing my self to wake up from the cosy bed, I switched on the water heater and prepared my morning drink. It’s either hot lemon water or a solution of honey,apple cider vinegar and pomegranate patty. Today, I chose the second drink since I bought a new wild honey yesterday. Not a single perfect morning go without the drink. Just like some people waking up searching for their aromatic white coffee – – it’s my ultimate ‘coffee’.

So, well, before the sun rise further up, I feel like wanna share something. Few days ago when I met most of my aunties and cousins, they keep asking my why my face looks better. I mean, I had a serious acne problem back then in my university years especially during the thesis writing period. It was my darkest experience ever. Ever! It was terrible! I had my lowest self-esteem at the moment.

Then, after everything was settled (I don’t know my thesis could be that ‘threatening’ haha) I return home with those extreme skin problem. I started to search for the cure.

So, here is what I did, until now :

1. Search for a less-chemical facial wash

Although the chemical-full facial wash offers a faster result in healing acne and skin problem, trust me, it’s never good for our skin. Mom asked me to use Nourain Skincare’s facial wash and the result was amazing. It takes about two weeks for those ‘wild’ acne to settle down, They were getting smaller and lesser, thanks Lord! I need back my self-esteem. Nourain Skincare has a good facial wash with less chemical. I didn’t apply moisturizer or any night cream.

2. Eating habit

This a vital one. Take less oily food. More veggies. Drink more water.

3. Detox

I used to drink green tea a lot! It’s good to detox our body, and well, it has something to do with metabolism thingy (useful for weight loss too!). When you have less toxic in your body, your skin will get better.Lemon is another good detox drink.Drink a glass of hot lemon water in the morning or you can replace it with apple cider vinegar. When our inner body system is healthy, it reflects on our skin. Well, my face problem get better in about 4 weeks time.

4. Facial scrub

After my acne was recovered for about 80%, I’m used to scrub my face with green tea. Yes, you read it right. I used green tea as my facial scrub and couldn’t help myself from falling in love with the remedy. It soothes your skin, fights blemishes and so many more.  Do not throw out your old tea bag after used. You’ll regret it. 😛

Sometimes, I don’t need any soapy facial wash when I have green tea. It is a good facial wash replacement too.

5. Facial Toner

Apple cider vinegar is the best toner on earth. Mix up 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoons of clean water. How it works on skin? Google them up, I have to get ready for work 😀

If there is an advice I could give to those who faces skin problem, it is just be positive. Do not stress because things get worsen when you’re stress.

Go natural, ditch out the artificial chemical facial skincare.



Things learned from Korean (Insight : Food)

Woke up today with the muscle sores, barely walk normally. I think some veins on my feet were switched to another wrong position. Lesson learned. Should be more alert whenever I do something, and never anggap myself as an anti-sakit. After all, you live in an ordinary human body with a lot of pain receptors, Izni. Ditch out your fantasy of being a super-anti-pain-extraordinary human. 😛

To the main topic we go.

I remembered watching some Korean drama few times ago and I noticed how they eat their food. They eat rice as we Malaysian do, but why we couldn’t be like Korean? I mean from the fitness level, obesity index, productivity and so on. I wonder why Korean look beautiful and most of them are fit! (having normal BMI), while we Malaysian, most of us are fat! Having excess weight is not healthy. It is the ultimate truth beside the “takpa gemuk pun, asalkan sihat, takdak penyakit” mantra. Little that you know that being fat itself is a hidden disease and could invite a tonne more diseases like cardio disease, gout, diabetes, and whatnot.

Well, come the hardest part. How to lose weight?

Losing weight is easy – for certain people who naturally or genetically own the ‘losing weight fast’ trait. Some are just eating like horse but never in the world had they put on weight (I wonder why! This is not fair -_-).

What I’ve learned from Korean is always about the portion size. And vegetables and vegetable.oh ya, and vegetables too. Haha. Yeah they adore rice (like we’re!) but we didn’t adore veggies. We didn’t adore the right portion, we chose large portion because it makes us feeling full. They eat rice, rolled by seaweed – kimchi – but we mixed our rice with oily sambal, fried chicken and 3 pieces of cucumbers. And because of the calories is entah apa-apa, we tend to feel hungry again in less than 2 hours. Then that’s the time when we started to consume snacks that full with MSG, carbonated drink, and any other fast foods to heal our cravings.

To lose weight, cut out any sugary (additive) food, eat according to your calorie needed, watch what you eat and always drink a lot of plain water. Drink like hell as much as possible (minimum – 2L) to activate your detox process.

Either you’re Korean or Malaysian – if you didn’t watch what you eat, neglect the nutritional needed in your body- the result is the same wherever you live on the planet.

And how I wish to be a nutritionist. Found myself indulged in the the science of food. It is beautiful if we understand what is the right food for our body,isn’t? May we’re keener in maintaining our health!

Till then. It is raining outside. 2015’s second rain! 😀

Fruit-infused water


Infusing water has become so popular lately when it comes to enhance our water intake. It flavoured your plain water besides providing you with extreme health benefits. To add more, it is delicious!!

Since I have lots of strawberries in the fridge and a couple of leftover lemons, so I decided to make one. It is soooo simple because all you need is the chosen fruits and plain water. The volume is highly depend on you. Just slice up all the fruits and soak them into the water. You can do it in  your daily water drinking bottle, mason jar or any container you favour.

Then, leave it overnight and you can enjoy it on the next morning!

I added up an inch of sliced ginger (and was scared to taste since I hate ginger!) and guess what, it is not bad at all! I can taste a splash of ginger flavour, it has a good smell and flavour (to my surprise). I love this fruit combinations, such a refreshing drink!

When it was my first attempt to make this flavoured drink, I chose cucumbers, and sunkist orange (but well, not as yummy as this time). Besides it acts as detox water, now drinking water should be interesting again! No excuse for you to not drink up to 2 litres (8 cups) every day 😀

p.s : the scent of flowers is getting stronger in my home. It was said that it would last for 2 years! We have white roses, jasmines, and lavenders. Now I feel like in flower garden – homie version.

My obsession? This.


When it comes to vege, I’m obsessed with broccoli! Who doesn’t love broccoli? Er, yea, some people do.

For Eat Clean Programme – Day 1 : I decided to grill those lovely broccoli and carrots with one and a quarter spoons of corn oil – – seasoning with pepper and  Oregano. Eat along with some rice and fried Indian mackerels.

Haha. Not so clean but it’s okay, there’s always a room for improvement. It was just a beginning.

Organically live

What has been my major interest right now? At this life stage?

One of them is – I’m going for organic. I tried to be as organic as I can. I have significant goal to achieve a better health through that mean.

It is time for us to really care about ourselves. If we don’t, who will? So, I had started (2 weeks ago) with honey and its forever-mate ; pomegranate juice! Oh they really taste wonderful on your buds, believe me. Superlicious! 

I’ve read a lot about their benefits. And it is worth-consuming. You can always choose to drink them separately or just combine it into a cup (I preferred this to lower down the juice’s acidity) with ratio of 1 honey : 2 pomegranate juice. Modifiable according to your hati. No harm.

I tried to make it as a habit to drink them every morning and night before breakfast and going to bed. Or anytime in between, it’s up to you.

Next is green tea. Green tea, according to a lot of source, it works in detoxification and helps in slimming too. Wow! So, starting 2 days ago, I’ve made a crazy decision. I soak three sachets into 2-litres bottle and drink it like a king. Haha. I drank 4-litres of green tea plus 2-litres more plain water. Sum up with the honey and pomegranate,  I can say that I drink nearly about 7-litres of water per day. *In the name of detoxification*

We, human need at least 2 to 3 litres of water per day. No “kesian kat buah pinggang” kinda of rumors. Our body indeed functions well with enough water.


Honey-pomegranate juice-ice
"Water your body" apps. It records your daily water intake.

One thing is you will have to befriend with your toilet before you get used to it. Oh, to avoid sleep disturbance, do not drink one or two hours before sleep.

Next is homemade remedial for beauty. Hahah. As I’m a lazy beginner, so I started with cinnamon powder to prevent and get lost of the acnes. Works la jugak but not as fast as other cosmetic products that had been intruded with a mountain of chemicals. I’ve tried wearing a flour-rice mask to control face sebum (face oil) but it just lasts for 2 days then laziness won.

Last but not least, exercising and watch sleeping hours. Type of exercise that suits most the laziest human being? I’ll reveal later 😛

It is too fast to talk about the testimonials here but I do have some. In the next entry insyaAllah, otherwise this essay would be endlessly lengthy.

So, happy organic-ing. Insert less chemical into your body 🙂

What causes your belly fat?

Today’s first entry of “Health” section will be an important subject that most of us worried much ; especially women.

Well, there are several causes that lead to excessive fat in your belly. They are :

1. Wrong eating

Different body need different type of eating habit. We have different needs of nutritional based on our metabolisms, vitamin deficiencies, bone and muscle mass, visceral fat and so on. Start watching your body type and body need so that you can plan your proper eating ways.

2.  Low Potassium Food

Potassium help in fat storage. So, low in Potassium take in every day may lead to poor fat storage.

3. Poor Sleep 

Deep sleep during night actually help in fat burning. So, start to take serious of your sleep time. Not just that, most of our body organ especially heart and liver do their precious work during our sleep. Detoxification also take place during our sleep time.

4. Wrong protein consumption

Poor quality or excessive protein can inhibit liver’s ability to store fat

5. High sugar food

High and hidden sugar in food ; esp fast food inhibit fat-burning hormone. Thus, the fat and sugar will remain accumulated in your belly and they grow as you add up another high sugar foods.

6. Stress!

As cortisol will be much secreted during stress, it also inhibit fat-burning hormone, just like the 5th point above.

That is all what had been highlighted in recent posts in  and to solve the belly fat problem, ensure that you take enough plain water , exercise regularly (walking during window shopping included), eating in balance calories and have quality sleep.

To take all these into account, you can start doing your “Health Diary” to record what ever foods you take in and what type of exercise you have done.