It’s a hot holiday

I do not have any idea how much is sea level rising by now because it is too hot outside. World is getting terribly hot and dry day by day. Since today is my off day, I’ve got some things to settle which required me to drive to the middle of the town. With all the courage, I had to bear the killing, dazzling hot sun, and I was sweating like I was under a shower! I could pass out from the heat.

So, I rushed back home after everything was settled. Got a message from Nisah, confirming about our videography appointment. This time, she asked my help for making a video for her business. I’m not really pro about making a good video, hope I wouldn’t disappoint her. She told me she will give me a free shawl, appreciating my ‘behind the scene’ involvement. haha. She really take this too seriously, I had never expect any gift from her. But well, it is good to get some free stuff (who doesn’t love free stuff?). At least, I can add it to my shawl collections 😀

I hope the sun could ‘cool down’ just a little bit, giving a way for us to record the video and whatnot. It would be an interesting evening if the weather are nice and windy, and we could also have a short sharing and discussion about the businesses.

I was thinking about having an instagram account for fitness purposes. Actually, a lot of things are going on in my mind about the idea of fitness. One of them is getting a certificate of professional wellness coach (or nutritionist/ dietitian) in the future; so that I can carry out some activities or maybe managing a small fitness centre? or healthy food bistro? hmm. Interesting huh? Thinking about it alone makes me feel high. That’s all I wanna do in my life. Helping peoples to motivate themselves towards a better living.


pass like a meteor


I couldn’t afford to write a post a day especially about my internship journey at the Marine Aquaculture Institute or well-known as FRI  (Fisheries Research Institute) Pulau Sayak, Kota Kuala Muda – no matter how eager I am to share and write about it every day.  Life is hectic, and I’m doing well here. Pretty well but boredom – yes, very much even it was just only a week since I started my internship.  Seemed like I’m doing the same thing each day due to the fact that I’ve to retain the surrounding quality of lobster phyllosoma (lobster’s larvea). They are super fragile and really need attention and love! Haha. I pray for the three months to pass like a meteor; beautiful and fast.

There are six more students from UNIMAS that are doing their internship at the same FRI (different department), Alhamdulillah at least I’m not all alone surviving around the men. I wonder why there is no woman worker – excluded the cleaner and office-people; is it too rough for a woman to work there? Met new friends and also the Fadh et al. who are a-year younger from us but have a lot of knowledge and experiences! Proud of them! Oh by the way I met someone who looks very similar to AMIL and SR. 98% similarity! I could never run from the shadows even I’d come to that edge of the world.

There’s no difference of choosing intern place at Sarawak and here at my hometown; no difference because we couldn’t get any holiday even it is Friday and Saturday! It means my dream to return home every single week is just left as ashes. Fly away and disappear. Hopeless dream. The reason is acceptable – because we are working on aquaculture-things, they are living organisms and need food every day. We just need to punch the card in, give them food, exchange the water, monitor its quality, and the goal reached.

The best thing during this period, well, it goes to the ocean! It wins over everything, such a beautiful view I swear. Whenever we arrived there so early (we’re always the earliest human being stepping into the building, haha), we will sit in a line facing the sea and listen to the hypnotic ocean wave. It is lovely to have an ocean right beside the work place. It is a best on go therapy.

I just took a two-day leaves. It is not what I’m supposed to do especially in the first week of intern. But it is holiday in Kedah and I promised to my parents earlier to return home this week. After this, I have to work even on the weekend. I’ll be there like a missing person and working like there’s no tomorrow. Haha.

So, how was your day? It has been a while..

Pray for me so that I can pass through all these successfully. Pray so that everything will turn to be like a meteor, pass in speedy- elegantly like a meteor.

meet mr lobster!

meet mr lobster!

the tanks. my new bestfriends! hee

the tanks. my new best friends! hee

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see? beautiful!


Sunday, and I’m still in the holiday mood. My sore throat is getting better, but it follows with flu! I can’t remember the last time I had flu or fever or any kind of discomfort health. Yesterday is a disturbing day. I couldn’t drink any liquid, felt like there was a big, bloody wound right at my uvula (I just google it up. haha!) So, nothing to complain on, I’m grateful for this. Alhamdulillah, maybe this is the way of Allah reminds me that I’m still an ordinary human being; that I should never forget to appreciate my good health before.

There will be a down time for us – anything that we might hate to admit it (failure, rejection, feeling of unappreciated, bad health, you name it) but just one thing, just remember on how long HE made us in our comfort zone. The time we feel so undisturbed – like we were living in our own cosiness bubble, which we can handle every single thing that comes up without any difficulties. Remembering that, oh – this minute tiny test from Him is actually very incomparable to the all easiness we had before.

So, we have to be more grateful. After rain comes sunshine, isn’t? So, complain less, appreciate more :]

The planned potluck is today. Maybe that is the last gathering time.Finally, I ignore the laziness that rose inside me and made up my mind to attend. It must be so fun!

For that, I have to cook the sambal for nasi lemak.The last time I made, abah criticise me greatly. Haha. Abah, how do I cook like you? ~~



Here it is. Packing my goods to return to the Land of the Hornbills. About 2 months plus being here, I can say that it is a meaningful holiday as a lots of things happen, a lot of first-time events, and a lot of things and situation changed,too. Supposedly, this holiday should be used to write my FYP proposal and whatsoever things involved, but I am not in that mood yet. I mean, this is holiday. One and only time left to be at home, surrounding by family, and you ask me to stay sit, read and read and eat and sleep?

This holiday marked my first time of driving with abah’s permission as before this, he was too woried about me when I hold the steering. Whenever I am driving, he must be at my side. Talking and ordering, which is actually a mountain of advices, which is actually a way of expressing his ultimate love for me,hehe i am a lucky daughter. As I’m not used to drive frequently after getting the license, he worried if I can’t drive properly, parked properly, use the proper road and so so so. I know I can do it if I am confident. So, now, I can drive freely. Abah already put his condidence on me and I should drive more frequent after this,right? 😀

Early during the holiday, was my first time feeling the awesomeness of a train. Haha, went KL by train, I thought train will be so messy and crowded like one I saw in Bollywood’s movie. But then, the thought just flew ayay. It is far better than I thought.

Not to forget, Iismy first time of working in a longer time.Haha! My first-previous-work took only my four days,and after that, I resigned. Weird thing about me is just I cant do the same work day by day. I hate it.

But, this time, I worked for 11 days, which is far more better than the four days.Of course la kan,hehe. Well, working in a boutique is not that bored as I thought. It is bored,sometimes. But maybe I love promoting, and dealing with customers, it is okay for me to work in a longer time.

It made me realised that, to work under other peoples (employer) does not give me much joy and freedom, and because of that, Intan, Nabilah and I planned to own a business,someday. InsyaAllah! One thing that I realised whenever we in trio sit together, we started to build and think of a dream. Dream by dream, firing up by the urge and desperation to fulfill them,well, I have to say that I love to live with a dream. After all, reality blocks are made up by a single dream,right?

and something has changed too.

Till then, my luggage seems can’t be zipped up, and departure time is keep ticking and ticking. A new life waiting, and I will return here someday, as a new person, hopefully. Pray so that I can graduate on time!

and why it is raining and raining outside? I guess it’s saying “goodbye,will miss you,do the best” to me.

Thanks, rain! and did I mentioned to you that all your water droplet look gorgeous when it touches my window and the gorund?

Wake me up when the holiday is end.


Alhamdulillah. My endless gratitude to Allah swt for HIM to continue giving me this awesome life. This means that HE is always give me chances to top up my good deeds, improve myself, my life and everything inside and around me. Sometimes,people failed to see the reason why they still alive ; even me sometimes.

It is about the end of my semester break and this Monday,the semester will continue. Asking about “what I have studied during my holidays?” , my answer is absolutely “No,I’m not. Holiday is holiday!” Right after this break, I have to sit for 4 more papers before having my field trip for Aquatic Vertebrate and Mangrove & Estuaries Ecology. And for sure, after the field trip,there’s thousands things to settle up.

About the study, InsyaAllah, I pray that I can manage it well. It is time to re-open my schedule, mind maps, revision books and whatsoever things related to my study. Plus, I must refresh my spirit and motivation to stay strong and motivated!

These days and weeks, there’s a lot of changes that I made. I mean,decisions ; some of them are really important decisions to make. Finally, I did it. Removing intruders before it goes deeper and I just like ” Throw everything and Rely on Allah. Just on Allah.”. That made me feel better and Alhamdulillah, in peace.

I think, I should lift up my pen to write some writings since there’s about several weeks that I didn’t produce any. Its not that I am so lazy or what,but it just take time to re-find my inspiration to write again.

Okay,until then. Together we be better than yesterday 🙂

In front of my home. There's a reason why the house is called "home". I miss my home and everything and everyone inside it.

In front of my home. There’s a reason why the house is called “home”. I miss my home and everything and everyone inside it.

Start your engine!


It is my 4th day of holiday and everything is static.

I hate when there’s a lot of things to settle down. It just like, “Hey,it is holiday.HOLIDAY,ok?”

There is mountain of works waiting for me to lift them up but the beautiful sunny and windy day make me apart. I would rather choose my bed and pillow rather than them. Haha,it is holiday,right? My body and soul should take some rest,too.

So, after 3 days of resting, today I MUST take a step forward. So,starting today, I must settle all those works beautifully.

Keep motivated and productive! InsyaAllah.

May Allah give me endless motivation to finish everything.


Make it pay off. InsyaALLAH.

Make it pay off. InsyaALLAH.