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Can I be on leave forever but still have money in my pocket?

I don’t feel like writing actually but lets try to describe what I was up to these few days.

Well, 4 days flew like nobody’s business, I had a great short escape and being away from work and terrible traffic..are just awesome. Nothing beats the feeling of being home. Besides the joy of overeating 😛 , I feel kinda recharged and motivated to continue whatever things I used to the freaking making-money-routine.

It was quite different from my stay before. This time, I engaged with loads of old friends from secondary school & university. Friends from uni, no other name except Denah & Fiqah. We met at Penang, I supposed to attend my matriculation friend’s wedding but I don’t know why -we didn’t manage to do so. Hence, we strolled around the sunny Penang. We went to our favourite places & my wishlist-place to eat in Penang. We even went to Penang Hill and enjoyed the desserts there which is sooooo good.

Catched up with my old mates from secondary school which I lost contact since 10 years ago. Able to keep in touch again with a bunch of my good good friends and surprisingly, it didn’t feel too awkward as I imagined, maybe its because they were my closest friends back then so it felt comfortable and the chemistry between us lightened again. I think it is not that bad to expose a little bit of myself towards old friends and memories since you know, I am quite like a self-centered person since forever (and will always be).

Touched down KLIA around 12.30 in the morning, my sister from Bangi fetched me, had a short sleep and drove back PJ, now on my working desk writing this and definitely can’t wait until 5pm so that I can get my beauty sleep again. For now, lets pretend to be so fresh.

From left: Fiqah, Denah & me


Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff! Mission accomplished 😀

The famous breakfast stall @ Transfer Road, Penang

One of the beautiful parts of Batu Feringghi!

my old classmates (2017). We were VERY close back then and the bond is still there! Everyone seems so fine 🙂


Homie First Note

Yay, I’m home! Alhamdulillah safely arrived and survived with the eyebags and exhausted physical and mental. Double flights with those heavy luggage, and today I can feel my arm muscles were all cramped and teared apart. Haha. A pat on my back, I wasn’t loss in searching way at KLIA2. Nearly fell from the escalator, oh let’s forget that. Haha.

It was a happy ending. Arrived home and just a few days left for us to meet Ramadhan, InsyaAllah – and also internship! Argh. Hate that. Whyy? I dont know XO

No better place like home. Yes I trust is a place that we can be our very true selves, enjoy a genuine love, accept and live with each other’s good and bad, and everything that may come into your mind about love, return home and you’ll find that. Exaggerating? Haha who cares. I love it. So, you can tell if people love or hate you. It is by observing (mostly) because not everything are spoken out directly. Agree?

Oh by the way, mark on a final exam subject was released out. Just one subject, what a speedy! Released out 2 days ago to be exact, just viewed it tonight.

So, happy holiday! Enjoy the freedom before being engage again.

Feeling do evolve, right? Greatly evolved with time. Sometimes you love something like crazy, like you can’t live a second without it, but there’s a time when you feel nothing. Neither hate nor love –  a hollow nothing, and you’re just too tired to mind anything.


Tonight’s bed time story on the most comfy place in the universe :]


outta cave

After a few days stayed in the cave (haha, so called by the folks) today is the breakthrough. Went outing for the last time for this holiday – next week, the normal schedule will resume. Time has really no joke, they fly! Just realize that all these 4 months, I drove illegally. I haven’t renew my driving license during my pass birthday! That is crazy and how I hope to not bound with any roadblock or whatever courses related with police, traffics etc. That wasn’t a big reason for me to sit at the passenger sit. haha, I love driving. So, hope everything will be fine. I just want to extend the illegality until I touch down Kedah later. Just 2 months to go! Ignore the growing fine I have to pay.

Yesterday night was terrible. I can’t sleep although badly worn out. My eyes were closed but it just doesn’t sink below the darkness like usual. Stress for not be able to have a sound sleep. Ever feel that? That was my first time and it is no good. Bad! Seriously bad. The consequence is today. My eyes were in pinky red, and when I tried to sleep this evening, I just fell under sub-sleep. Slept but wasn’t any deep. I wonder what happen? Aging process? I should meet doctor? Heh. That is my second phobia after taking medicine.

About A Walk to Talk, I’m in process to finish it up. The first part was easy and the second part is a bit compact, plus my laziness to type those floating mind into words. Will put an end as soon as possible.


Insight : of journey return


It was a light rain when my flight was ready to take off. I can see the rain droplets adhered to the board’s windows and moving together following the wind direction. As the flight taking off higher, I smiled widely; something had been lift up from my shoulder. I just feel relieved. So relieved after what I’d gone through such a horrible and unpredicted events in these recent weeks. But well, Alhamdulillah everything is okay. It was like a virtual screen that I can flashed back and watched again series by series of my thick and thin memories of being in that land, a place that I’ve never expected to be thrown at.

With only one semester left (InsyaAllah, pray for that), I realised that I am progressing so much. Some of the things remain, but quite a lot of things had changed, and I know there will be more changes after this. How I hope that all that can make me a better person.

It was an awkward feeling when I sat beside a lovely couple. Fingers-intertwined, head-to-shoulder sleep, forehead-kissing; like hello,I’m here okayy. No fit term that can reflect what I felt except SEGAN. I’m so segan to watch that. But then, I just keep myself adapted, enjoy the astonishing clouds before keep on sleeping due to my restless night yesterday.

So, Kedah dialect is everywhere! I laughed when heard people using a strong Kedah’s slang. How I miss the slang and listening to that, I felt like a kind of comfort. A wonderful warmth. I know, staying there made my slang blown away a little bit. Let practice talking a strong accent of Kedah again!

Escaping from wet, cold, rainy and cloudy Sarawak to the hot and dry Kedah is something challenging. The hotness is different I swear. Hope the following days will bring up some moisture.

Happy productive holiday 🙂


House of Mini’s doughnut. Just as lovely as Big Apple’s but come with a cute mini sizes. Love!

*Saw you live a happy life,arent you? Glad to see that.*




Study week.

Hope that I manage to finish studying all those facts and theories.

Hope that I can continue my endless ‘cerpen’ and start drowning again with words.

Hope that journey to Sabah will be awesome.

Hope that I can touch down Kedah safely.

Hope that I can eat all those delicacies by mak abah.

Then, hope that I can meet up Ramadhan and how tak sabarnya nak bertarawih!

Hope and hope. This make life goes on in whatever feelings you feel.

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It comes to the end!


It has been a while since I didn’t write anything and when I’m going to type on, it just somewhat called ‘blank’.The idea, plot and everything related are not showered me down.

Few days back, this blog can’t be opened ; dont know why.

Ok,leave it. Actually, yesterday marked as our start of study week and Alhamdulillah, what ever I went through along these four semesters is going to end. I will become a final year student of Science Aquatic. *clap.

To say ‘ how fast time flies!” is lame enough. But, it does.I have to say it even it is lame 😛

So,it is study week. I have to focus and limit my exciting adrenaline since I will be home less than a month from now! (after 4 months,this is the longest time ever I’m being apart from my family). But before that, I’m going to Sabah with my fellas for 4 days. May Allah ease everything!

Just to say that, even sometime I have to gone through some bitter feelings through all this while, I’m just grateful that, this journey is too awesome.

Awesome in many ways.

May you and I will keep focus in finding Allah’s greatest love and at the same time passing all the ‘exams’ in this life with flying colours. Ameen.

Just to say that it is going near to the very end of my degree study.

Daisy. White and yellow is too awesome for a flower!

Daisy. White and yellow is too awesome for a flower.


Wake me up when the holiday is end.


Alhamdulillah. My endless gratitude to Allah swt for HIM to continue giving me this awesome life. This means that HE is always give me chances to top up my good deeds, improve myself, my life and everything inside and around me. Sometimes,people failed to see the reason why they still alive ; even me sometimes.

It is about the end of my semester break and this Monday,the semester will continue. Asking about “what I have studied during my holidays?” , my answer is absolutely “No,I’m not. Holiday is holiday!” Right after this break, I have to sit for 4 more papers before having my field trip for Aquatic Vertebrate and Mangrove & Estuaries Ecology. And for sure, after the field trip,there’s thousands things to settle up.

About the study, InsyaAllah, I pray that I can manage it well. It is time to re-open my schedule, mind maps, revision books and whatsoever things related to my study. Plus, I must refresh my spirit and motivation to stay strong and motivated!

These days and weeks, there’s a lot of changes that I made. I mean,decisions ; some of them are really important decisions to make. Finally, I did it. Removing intruders before it goes deeper and I just like ” Throw everything and Rely on Allah. Just on Allah.”. That made me feel better and Alhamdulillah, in peace.

I think, I should lift up my pen to write some writings since there’s about several weeks that I didn’t produce any. Its not that I am so lazy or what,but it just take time to re-find my inspiration to write again.

Okay,until then. Together we be better than yesterday 🙂

In front of my home. There's a reason why the house is called "home". I miss my home and everything and everyone inside it.

In front of my home. There’s a reason why the house is called “home”. I miss my home and everything and everyone inside it.