The reserved space – defining the emptiness

Day by day, emptiness that embraces you seems endless. What you feel inside is a hollow loneliness, and you feel like nothing more than a grain sand on a beach. You think, maybe, it is lack of beneficial routine. Then you filled up the space with climbing up the highest mountain in the world, diving down into a deepest trench in the ocean, going out and seeing people around the world, and doing things out of your comfort circle. But no, the space is getting wider. So, maybe it is about finding someone to share out your love and life together. Then, you think; by now you should find someone. Someone that can give you the definition of those craps emptiness that you feel all these while. So, you try to find someone. You caught up with the people who keep hanging onto you, you try to figure out silently, is he/she is the one? And after all, you found your true mate, your true love. You think they will really filled up the space, beautifully just like you expected.

But deep down in your heart, the empty space is still there. It is like something is missing in the world that you have everything.

You started to find it inside yourself. The question-answer session began and at the very first question, nah you stuck.

It is about LORD. Your Creator, and The One that gave all the things you have now, where is HIM inside you, in your life?

You started to realise..maybe, just maybe the space is reserved for Him? The most important thing that you take it for granted. With that in mind, you started to find Him to fill in the dark, empty space. You started to renew your syahadah, you shaded out the ego by opening Al-Quran that you recite every day. But this time, you stared at the translation. You digested one by one verses and it is like a dirty cloth was rinsed with the purest water ever. The dirt was slowly vanished and you feel like the space is getting healed, narrowed.  The sorrows of emptiness that you felt before don’t have any idea how could the space is filled. You look for the books that related with Islamic knowledge and motivations. You tried to be as modest, as possible in all your life businesses, because that is the only way to control your affection to the worldly life.

Now that the space is filled slowly, you know it is the space for your Lord, our Lord – Allah.

Make the space as a sky, full of stars , rather than a hollow cloud which contained all the heavy water.

In the making of the sky, seek for Allah. Turn to Him, it is never, never too late. Or if you said it is late, then repent.

Allah, He is the Most Forgiving.



Muslimah’s pride??


the biggest muslimah’s pride?? It’s aurah.


*     *    *     *

“And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts and not

expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their

headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers,

their husbands’ fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers, their brothers’ sons,theirsisters’

sons, their women, that which their right hands possess, or those male attendants having no physical

desire, or children who are not yet aware of the private aspects of women. And let them not stamp their

feet to make known what they conceal of their adornment. And turn to Allah in repentance, all of you, O

believers, that you might succeed.” (24:31)

*     *    *     *

hard-reminder (i’m tired of “soft reminder”) for muslimah, your brother in-law and your male cousins is your non-mahram. You may play together since your childhood time but you can’t change the status- unless you married them. No too-friendly relationship and get yourself covered. Be strict.


sock, handsock, and hijab ; make them as your best companion. Companion that you can’t live without when stepping out for an outing or elsewhere. For the beginner, if it is hard for you, wear the full-covered shoe and long sleeve shirt/blouse. By time, you can try an exposed shoes with sock on, and longer blouse (lower than your waist).

We are muslims, must have our identity 🙂



Alhamdulillah, Allah planned for me to attend an event called Daurah Sarawak today. The talk is fully given by Ustaz Mohd Hazizi, a guest speaker. The event focused on three main things that are :

  1. Liberalism Threat on Muslims
  2. Americanisation on World of Islam
  3. Muqawwamat Islami – Syed Qutb’s book

It was a broad interactive discussion and to fully covered on everything including counting on different opinion and current issues; one day is barely not enough.

Learnt about some words that I never know the exact meaning of them before. They are Liberalism, Liberalistic Muslim, Humanism, Americanisation, Pragmatism, Socialism and Moderate Muslim. Now, the definition had become clearer and each of them is actually a group planned-party that imposed those behaviour, with their particular intention. Some of the groups is being ‘used’ by a particular Western organisation to see Islam fall since they have no direct power to ‘touch’ Islam. One and only way is through lifestyles and ideology (which everybody knows). Group of liberalism is one of them.

Liberalism is something that is unseen. It is not like Freemason or Illuminati which grow with activities by activities. Liberalism propagate with absorption of particular way of thinking (soft power). The way they think is too open and being individually-focused, not like Socialism which focused on their whole society like Soviet Union. Liberalism is a ‘poison’ which kill Muslims slowly, it does not affect us physically. To identify who is liberalistic type, there are several characteristics. *some of us may become a liberalistic, but he/she may not notice*

  1. Support westernised democracy which fight for TOTAL freedom. Freedom here is referring to freedom of changing religion, voice out everything, free lifestyle, no regulation on misbehaviour and things like that. They want everything become a personal matter,without any third hand in.
  2. Seeking Islamic knowledge without refer to Mazhabs’ Scholars. They define the knowledge by themselves and accept what is logic and reject what seems irrational.
  3. Against syariah. For them, religion is universal. Everything and everyone is the same, regardless what religion he/she is. This is due to their thought of one’s religion is their personal thing, no interruption.

Islam is not a personal thing, it needs to be shared and act upon because it is a source of soul peace and a true way of life. Which religion ever focus on tiny tiny matter like how to enter to the toilet, how to start a conservation, everything that we, Muslims do is already beautifully ordered. Allah create Islam and HE doesn’t leave us.

Americanisation. It is simply means to lose out one’s identity and become one. Become same, whatever genetic or ethnic you are. It is described as “melting pot”. Whoever enters America and become its citizen, it is called American, and doesn’t recognise based on their religion or ethnicity. Like, Malaysian without saying which one is Malay, Indian or Chinese. It is good at a side, like strength of the community but, the identity itself is “melted”. Seriously?

Much more things to write on, but I think that is the focus topic that had been discussed. To sum up everything, our personal stand is very count. We have to know what we really are, which is wrong and which is right. If we lose our stand, then you is a loser. You lose to the seductive world and started to immerse in it.

How to build a barrier towards Liberalism?

  •  Refer to the RIGHT person (The right person for you may not right. Find an authorise and siqah scholars)
  • Don’t refer to LOGICITY only. Islam is true even it doesn’t seems logic. Like Isra’ Mikraj. Because for you, it is not logic and unacceptable to your mind. But, for Allah ; you is a small matter. Exalted HE is.

Praying that Allah keep us faith stands 🙂

Love this picture personally. It live on death and it dies on life.

Love this picture personally. “It live on death and it dies on life”.


“Akak tak sembahyang Maghrib pun tadi.Qadha je lah”, kata kakak itu sambil tersengih di hadapanku.

Aku mengangkat mukaku. Merenung wajah kakak separuh umur itu. Aku yang sedang menyusun baju yang dicuba oleh pelanggan sebentar tadi, kini terhenti seketika. Tidak pasti sama ada kesian atau marah. Yang pasti, hatiku sangat benci kepada perkataan yang terpacul dari mulut kakak itu.

Aku paksa diriku untuk senyum. “Sempat lagi ni, kak. Boleh guna telekung saya”,aku memandang mata kakak itu dengan penuh harap.

“Oh,takpe dik. Cari baju raya dulu, nanti akak qadha bila balik rumah”, jawab kakak itu sambil membetulkan tudungnya. Aku tersentak.


” Padan tak baju raya tu?”, kakak itu menyoal anak gadisnya yang baru sahaja keluar daripada fitting room.

“Padan,tapi kaler dia tak sama dengan tema kita lah mama”,anak gadis itu menjawab sambil mencebik mulutnya.

” Tak rayalah kalau kaler tak sama tema”,kakak itu membalas.

dan tiba-tiba aku tersedar tentang sebuah hakikat. Apa sebenarnya definisi raya? Adakah hanya dengan warna baju yang match semuanya atau hari kegembiraan setelah sebulan berpuasa? Apatah lagi membuat persediaan raya dengan mengorbankan waktu bercinta dengan Pencipta kita? Sungguh,definisi itu sudah ‘lari’ banyak.

“oh,inilah dunia sebenar dan inilah ‘pemanasan’ global yang sebenar!”

Dunia kini seperti Titanic. Semakin tenggelam dan akan karam.


Seperti biasa, usai Isya’ aku menyelak halaman Al Quran terjemahanku. Mataku kebetulan tertancap pada satu ayat dan ia benar-benar mengetuk hatiku.

Telah semakin dekat kepada manusia perhitungan amal mereka, sedang mereka dalam keadaan lalai (dengan dunia), berpaling dari akhirat.  [Surah Al-Anbiya’ ; ayat 1]

Aku semakin tenggelam dalam khalwatku malam pekat itu. Titis-titis hujan berterusan mengeliuk lentok menari atas atap bumbung rumahku. Doaku buat kakak itu dan segenap ahli dunia yang lainnya. Semoga kita mendapat hidayah dan nur daripada Allah untuk tetap kuat untuk berdiri tegak dan mengangkat takbiratul ihram.


Titanic di dasar lautan, selepas 100 tahun. Sumber: NatGeo



“What if a butter fall from the high building?”



Can’t answer?

Its BUTTER FLY! = butterfly

Haha. Well, not funny,right? Anyway,its not my intention to do that kind of joke 😛

I love to take butterfly as my life analogy. What butterfly did to continue living? – It is metamorphosis or anything that related to change from one phase to another ; just to complete its cycle then it will be able to live.Plus,live beautifully.

In order to get its beautiful art skin and colourful wings to fly, it has to go the difficulties of being caterpillar and pupa. Difficulties of facing the peoples who hate caterpillar,who always throw and kill caterpillar due to the “euuuuu!” feeling.

Then,those butterfly who stay strong and find their way to live will stay.Some of them didn’t have chance to stay,either being washed away by river stream or heavy rain,it just die there. That’s called natural selection? – Just who stay strong will win (hehe whatever science term)

Drowning before getting wings to fly.

Then,the caterpillar enter pupal stage which mean travelling time! I guess this is the factor that determine how successful for it to change to butterfly form. During some years of life, we will realise that there’s a lot of things that we experienced out. Some of them make us smile and laugh and some are really tears-burster. As we grow up,become adult ; we realise that we need to live by our own. You look around,but there’s few and fewer people that stand beside you. It is like,when the pupa reach an unfavourable condition, the pupa may not change to butterfly yet ; until it reaches favourable condition like suitable temperature , then it will become a beautiful butterfly. During the pupal stage, it will experience a lot of changes ; preparing for the next stage.

Why do you think that ; the butterfly is not just happen? Instead,it need to go for egg,caterpillar,pupa and finally butterfly?

It is life. It means journey. We can’t have the beautiful moment without any changes.Something should be change and that’s the way how the beautiful butterfly is born.

U get it? Life is journey,it may give you happiness, sadness, disappointment,frustration, failure, success and many more challenges.

Why they are so many challenges?

Because to get Jannah (heaven), it is not easy. So, those who pass their trials deserved their place (Jannah).

Keep in mind,that you can’t just simply live. Something have to be your guidance.

And me, I have ALLAH as my Everything, Islam as my way of life which is the best,Rasulullah sallallahu ‘ alaihi wasalam as my leader,my love , and Al-Quran as my compass. So,why worry? Just live as Allah planned it.

Smile wide and say Alhamdulillah.