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Jeti Semeling, Sungai Petani

I couldn’t keep track when was exactly the last time we, families enjoyed sunset together. Chilling out while watching how beautiful the sun setting down at this Semeling was indescribable feeling. The colour of the horizon, the reflection of the sun on the water, the breeze..I swear it is an astounding scene.

Such a good place to escape from the bustling city, and keep up with the loved ones. Such a relaxing escape.

Baby, lemme bring you there so that it would be only you and me – and the stunningly yellow horizon.

We watching how the sun swallows the sky..what’s more to ask?

Okay so here are the unedited images. Really, unedited. Enjoy!


People are just as lovely
as sunsets,

You just have to be watching
at all the right times.

-Sunsets Within Us-

Personal, Rant, Vacation

Can I be on leave forever but still have money in my pocket?

I don’t feel like writing actually but lets try to describe what I was up to these few days.

Well, 4 days flew like nobody’s business, I had a great short escape and being away from work and terrible traffic..are just awesome. Nothing beats the feeling of being home. Besides the joy of overeating 😛 , I feel kinda recharged and motivated to continue whatever things I used to the freaking making-money-routine.

It was quite different from my stay before. This time, I engaged with loads of old friends from secondary school & university. Friends from uni, no other name except Denah & Fiqah. We met at Penang, I supposed to attend my matriculation friend’s wedding but I don’t know why -we didn’t manage to do so. Hence, we strolled around the sunny Penang. We went to our favourite places & my wishlist-place to eat in Penang. We even went to Penang Hill and enjoyed the desserts there which is sooooo good.

Catched up with my old mates from secondary school which I lost contact since 10 years ago. Able to keep in touch again with a bunch of my good good friends and surprisingly, it didn’t feel too awkward as I imagined, maybe its because they were my closest friends back then so it felt comfortable and the chemistry between us lightened again. I think it is not that bad to expose a little bit of myself towards old friends and memories since you know, I am quite like a self-centered person since forever (and will always be).

Touched down KLIA around 12.30 in the morning, my sister from Bangi fetched me, had a short sleep and drove back PJ, now on my working desk writing this and definitely can’t wait until 5pm so that I can get my beauty sleep again. For now, lets pretend to be so fresh.

From left: Fiqah, Denah & me


Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff! Mission accomplished 😀

The famous breakfast stall @ Transfer Road, Penang

One of the beautiful parts of Batu Feringghi!

my old classmates (2017). We were VERY close back then and the bond is still there! Everyone seems so fine 🙂


This far

For that, I hate being here. This far.

I hate for getting the late news.
I hate that I’m the last person who knows.

I hate that they keep the secret away from me, just to ensure I’m okay – not disturbed by anything. I hate for the over concerned.

I pray for the very best. I have a huge pain wave inside my heart. It is painful.

I  feel like I’m not belong to where I stand now. I don’t know.

Tell me that I’m strong.
I will be strong, more than anyone expected.


Insight : of journey return


It was a light rain when my flight was ready to take off. I can see the rain droplets adhered to the board’s windows and moving together following the wind direction. As the flight taking off higher, I smiled widely; something had been lift up from my shoulder. I just feel relieved. So relieved after what I’d gone through such a horrible and unpredicted events in these recent weeks. But well, Alhamdulillah everything is okay. It was like a virtual screen that I can flashed back and watched again series by series of my thick and thin memories of being in that land, a place that I’ve never expected to be thrown at.

With only one semester left (InsyaAllah, pray for that), I realised that I am progressing so much. Some of the things remain, but quite a lot of things had changed, and I know there will be more changes after this. How I hope that all that can make me a better person.

It was an awkward feeling when I sat beside a lovely couple. Fingers-intertwined, head-to-shoulder sleep, forehead-kissing; like hello,I’m here okayy. No fit term that can reflect what I felt except SEGAN. I’m so segan to watch that. But then, I just keep myself adapted, enjoy the astonishing clouds before keep on sleeping due to my restless night yesterday.

So, Kedah dialect is everywhere! I laughed when heard people using a strong Kedah’s slang. How I miss the slang and listening to that, I felt like a kind of comfort. A wonderful warmth. I know, staying there made my slang blown away a little bit. Let practice talking a strong accent of Kedah again!

Escaping from wet, cold, rainy and cloudy Sarawak to the hot and dry Kedah is something challenging. The hotness is different I swear. Hope the following days will bring up some moisture.

Happy productive holiday 🙂


House of Mini’s doughnut. Just as lovely as Big Apple’s but come with a cute mini sizes. Love!

*Saw you live a happy life,arent you? Glad to see that.*




Study week.

Hope that I manage to finish studying all those facts and theories.

Hope that I can continue my endless ‘cerpen’ and start drowning again with words.

Hope that journey to Sabah will be awesome.

Hope that I can touch down Kedah safely.

Hope that I can eat all those delicacies by mak abah.

Then, hope that I can meet up Ramadhan and how tak sabarnya nak bertarawih!

Hope and hope. This make life goes on in whatever feelings you feel.