“One day, you will get your dream job”

It was nearly midnight when I was re-tidying my resume. You know, I have been always seeking for a reliable answer for all those little questions that used to pop up in my mind. I’m seeking the best way to present myself in those freaking one-to-two pages; named resume or CV. Whether I should put up my photo (some said NEVER, some said MUST, so I was confused!) the best template and design, how and what to write etc. I’ve been thinking about one person who might answer that.

He is Ameirul Azraie. (Never heard bout him? No worries, Google will do) Go google now. 

One of the persons that I believe, he will has the answers that I needed. I was thinking, Ya Allah, it is good if I can meet him in person so that I can ask him whatever I want to know about job searching and resume.

And guess what?

Not more than 5 minutes, I saw a post on my Facebook timeline.

“Seminar of Job Hunting using Jobstreet and LinkedIn by Ameirul Azraie”. “Tomorrow”.“5 more peoples needed”. “Register now”.“Bangi” – oh great! I was at my sister’s house at Bangi.

I blinked my eyes as if it was a dream. After confirmed that it was real (haha!) I registered and pay for it online. For RM 3O only, I was happy like a small kid having an ice cream. Couldn’t be more grateful. Allah is indeed The Best Listener.

So, the next morning, I drove all the way to the stated venue and for the very first time, I met him face to face. God knows how, I met my Aquatic juniors too. They greeted and waved me “Kak Izni!” and I was like, “okay, great, who are them? Seemed familiar” haha and after using my skills of investigating, it was confirmed that they are my juniors. It was unexpected that among 10 participants included me, two of them are my juniors. I mean, what a small world.

Had a great time attending the 3 hours-course. He taught us the manners on how to make use of Jobstreet and LinkedIn to apply for a job position. My questions was answered, and returned home happy, rewarded myself with a bowl of ice cream.

From the seminar, I learned that it is not how competence you’re in a particular field or how much work experiences you got, but more importantly is – how your inaudible attitude speaks about you. The way you represent yourself, and how you ‘sell’ what you got in you, is what will make them impress.

For anybody who’s struggling to settle for a job, do not lose hope. You have to keep believing and try your very best. One day, you will be finally manage to get your dream job, build a good base for yourself and on top of everything, you’ll be fine.

For now, just don’t lose hope. Cheers.



Alhamdulillah, Allah planned for me to attend an event called Daurah Sarawak today. The talk is fully given by Ustaz Mohd Hazizi, a guest speaker. The event focused on three main things that are :

  1. Liberalism Threat on Muslims
  2. Americanisation on World of Islam
  3. Muqawwamat Islami – Syed Qutb’s book

It was a broad interactive discussion and to fully covered on everything including counting on different opinion and current issues; one day is barely not enough.

Learnt about some words that I never know the exact meaning of them before. They are Liberalism, Liberalistic Muslim, Humanism, Americanisation, Pragmatism, Socialism and Moderate Muslim. Now, the definition had become clearer and each of them is actually a group planned-party that imposed those behaviour, with their particular intention. Some of the groups is being ‘used’ by a particular Western organisation to see Islam fall since they have no direct power to ‘touch’ Islam. One and only way is through lifestyles and ideology (which everybody knows). Group of liberalism is one of them.

Liberalism is something that is unseen. It is not like Freemason or Illuminati which grow with activities by activities. Liberalism propagate with absorption of particular way of thinking (soft power). The way they think is too open and being individually-focused, not like Socialism which focused on their whole society like Soviet Union. Liberalism is a ‘poison’ which kill Muslims slowly, it does not affect us physically. To identify who is liberalistic type, there are several characteristics. *some of us may become a liberalistic, but he/she may not notice*

  1. Support westernised democracy which fight for TOTAL freedom. Freedom here is referring to freedom of changing religion, voice out everything, free lifestyle, no regulation on misbehaviour and things like that. They want everything become a personal matter,without any third hand in.
  2. Seeking Islamic knowledge without refer to Mazhabs’ Scholars. They define the knowledge by themselves and accept what is logic and reject what seems irrational.
  3. Against syariah. For them, religion is universal. Everything and everyone is the same, regardless what religion he/she is. This is due to their thought of one’s religion is their personal thing, no interruption.

Islam is not a personal thing, it needs to be shared and act upon because it is a source of soul peace and a true way of life. Which religion ever focus on tiny tiny matter like how to enter to the toilet, how to start a conservation, everything that we, Muslims do is already beautifully ordered. Allah create Islam and HE doesn’t leave us.

Americanisation. It is simply means to lose out one’s identity and become one. Become same, whatever genetic or ethnic you are. It is described as “melting pot”. Whoever enters America and become its citizen, it is called American, and doesn’t recognise based on their religion or ethnicity. Like, Malaysian without saying which one is Malay, Indian or Chinese. It is good at a side, like strength of the community but, the identity itself is “melted”. Seriously?

Much more things to write on, but I think that is the focus topic that had been discussed. To sum up everything, our personal stand is very count. We have to know what we really are, which is wrong and which is right. If we lose our stand, then you is a loser. You lose to the seductive world and started to immerse in it.

How to build a barrier towards Liberalism?

  •  Refer to the RIGHT person (The right person for you may not right. Find an authorise and siqah scholars)
  • Don’t refer to LOGICITY only. Islam is true even it doesn’t seems logic. Like Isra’ Mikraj. Because for you, it is not logic and unacceptable to your mind. But, for Allah ; you know..it is a small matter. Exalted HE is.

Praying that Allah keep us faith stands 🙂

Love this picture personally. It live on death and it dies on life.
Love this picture personally. “It live on death and it dies on life”.

First day

Bismillah. Hajimemashite!

My first class just now was Remote Sensing and GIS, followed by Japanese Language. I love to take my first class into account just to guess how tough the subject is. What can I say, Remote Sensing & GIS  is a tough subject  not to mention actually, all the subjects in this semester are quite ‘killing’. They are kind of something that I never heard of. But, it depends also on my determination and enthusiasm on those subjects.

3 hours lecture. Wow! It really tortures my brain, plus with the compact and dense lecture notes. Well, if I am a lecturer, I prefer to give my students a mind-map-note. Or, my students should summarised by themselves into their own mind map? Haha, whatever, but the point is ; 3 hours for a lecture, Really?

I once heard and learnt about Remote Sensing when I was in second or third semesters in Physical Oceanography. It involved something that I can’t physically see and involved spatial ability to imagine the process, how it works, and so on. This semester, Remote Sensing become more violent. I have to ‘dive in’ deeper into this subject and try to relate to my course. It is interesting to know how modern the technology is ;  especially in scientific study. Remote sensing is an application that use electromagnetic energy to ‘translate’ a particular area like forests or coral reef into a map, without any contact with them. From the image, we can know a lot of particular details. Awesome isnt? I think, if there’s such application to scan on peoples, maybe we can know their true personalities, intentions and feelings inside them, that are impossible to see with naked eyes, right? 😀

Then, Japanese language by Najwa sensei. Haha, how on earth I am thinking to  take that language. I never included the languange in my must-know-languange wish list. So, it is called destiny. Maybe, one find day I will further my study in Japan? Who knows? At the moment Najwa sensei asked my class about Japan, my fellows classmates told her about anime, this particular cartoons, that particular actor/ actress/ singer/ and whatsoever and I was like, walking in the dark, waiting the storm to end. I am so ZERO about those Japan stuffs and field. What I knew is there’s certain cartoon like Doraemon, Detective Conan and the other classics-childhood cartoons.

and the ‘storm’ ended. Started to learn Japanese like I was in kindergarten,learning ABC. Sensei asked us to buy a book with boxes ; just like a Mathematic exercise book to practice on alphabets and how they should be sounded out. Not to forget , a pocket Vocab book. The mechanisms in learning third language, maybe I can apply the method that I used to learn Arabic when I was in school six or five years back.

It is interesting in getting the new knowledges, and doing things we never done. The ecstacy in pushing ourselves to a certain limit is just awesome. For every thing happen, it has its own first time. So, I should not scared on the new thing.


About her

I cant help but keep reminding her that to get knowledge and to make all the knowledge barakah and useful, patience and sincerity are really matter.

Besides reviewing all the subjects, she also have to keep the good relationship with Allah and help improving herself,too. The mounting exams are not only what matter. She seems to realise that above all, relationship with Allah is the key.

When she feels like a looser,again, I have to motivate her to the fullest. I have to tell her that to get knowledge ; it is not that easy. So, some sacrifices will do. To get information ; yep too much easy. Knowledge and information; she knew the differences.

She, recently, love to open her apartment’s door widely in the morning. Especially when everybody is still on their bed. She closes her eyes and took a deep fresh morning air before smiling to the clouds ; sometime its blue and sometimes the clouds are still dark. She just enjoy the feels. Feeling of being fresh before going mess.

She loves to give a pat on her left shoulder when she can solve a problem or finish some chapters. When she is in fully-motivated mode,she will  write some quotes in colourful papers and stick them somewhere.

I just love seeing her motivated.She has too many dreams and she know that everything can be possible.

Emotion disturbance is a quite familiar symptom for her these days. It is just her mixed feeling of everything. She loves to open up the old diaries and read again and again what she wrote in the past few years. Years that full of something that absence in her life now. Now, she has no diary because she really don’t have anything to write on. If she did, she will tear off the paper and dump it into the dustbin. She has really nothing to write. These years are not those years.

That’s all about her.

This is not her. Somewhere from tumblr.
This is not hers.Taken from somewhere  in tumblr.