I think I should work in marketing department, or anything involve selling-buying process. Haha. My jaw dropped when one message popped out on my phone screen. How I did an advertisement and how come I can clear  out all the goods that quick? Wow. What a question. I’m not the right person to write about marketing technique XD

Well, I considered it as a light compliment. I’m not as cool as expected. Not that superior.

After handed out the book shelf, a family visited me to see my printer. A family, can’t you imagine? Her mom wanna see the condition of the printer. Being a know, they’ll always have the mysterious, unanswered question. I understand.

So, they came. With two or three kids, luckily I got three remaining chocolate wafers to entertain them. Within less than five minutes, they agreed to buy! No deposit, I got total cash. But the printer will be passed to them next week. I mean, it was an easy move. They trusted me a lot and Alhamdulillah, finally I don’t have to think bringing the printer back home. The printer was my second side income all this while. I owed it so much. Sure will miss it!

Selling things is enjoyable! It’s not about money,  it is more to the new people I met, the new experiences of adapting with people’s thought and needs. Learning new things. Quite a lot of endorphin secreted. I guess, it is one of the life arts?

say it – nag

So, my expectation is wrong. I imagined of a good and organise life after submitting the core task few days ago. haha, but no – the wave storm is not going to end yet! Presentation schedule came out today,even looking at it made my heart thumped wildly. For the first time, I am clueless how to design my Power Point slides, how should I arrange those data to keep it short and brief, what colour should I put, what point should I begin, how do I greet the audience, and what attire should I wear (?) – since I just have two baju kurung here. heh.

Alternating with the coming assessment, and assignments that need to be submitted in the same week, I just hope that everything will be fine, that everything will be sooo smoothly-going. Min reminded me that we just have 38 days left,here.

38 days – I couldn’t imagine how fast will be the 38 days. 4 months had passed like a blink of eyes, and 38 days?

Its okay. Just live and move with the time trail. I found a good farewell song, even reading the lyrics made me sad. I wonder if I had chance to dedicate the song to all my coursemates. hee. but well I’m sure sooner or later when we have our own life, we will start to forget each other, forget the memories, and the feelings are not going to be the same anymore. We will meet another new people, create another memories, and when the time comes, we will leave them again. And the process repeat. I guess, only when there’s a strong bonding, we’ll stay together through times.

Promised one thing to myself. I should (must) learn to not taking things too much into my heart, to appreciate people and friendship built, to try see somethings in other’s view and sacrifice more. I am strong, I just scared that the others are not. So, strong people should sacrifice for the weak ,isnt? It is the concept. Strong people should be a protector. I think, I must paste the sayings somewhere because lately, I’m being selfish – wanting things that belong to others. Haih.

That’s it. A lengthy nonsense nag, say it a therapy – I’m in resting stage and now have to resume doing the slides presentation. My SV asked to see it by tomorrow! and I have to revise for mandarin, too! >.<

Sleepy Patrick Gif



online learning


Shortly said, getting knowledge is a lifetime process and we must admit that we don’t know a lot of things yet. Learning doesn’t necessarily by means of formal classroom or lecture with a blackboard and a standing teacher – alas, some of us may think like that.

Getting knowledge is all about passion of getting it. So, passionate people will get whatever they want by any mean. Found a website of online learning. It is one of the websites that offer virtual learnings and all you have to do is register, allocate some times to read and think, and enjoy your curiosity and the rushing hormones of knowing new things.

Here is the website : Future Learning  


I love promoting things. haha. why not? 

Human law – what to expect?


Okay let us talk about law. Started knowing and building a thing called “ambition”, my first serious-ambition is to be a lawyer, together with my sis. We are so deadly enthusiastic to be a lawyer for unknown reason. Maybe we watched a lot about lawyer career especially in Hong Kong movies ; our pastime childhood’s hobby.

We ended up being not a lawyer.Haha. Glad that I dont need to be one, because being a lawyer is a kind of dreadful (for me).

Taking a law subject this semester called Environmental Law. It is interesting to see the efforts taken to protect our valuable biodiversity and ecosystem but I felt confused as the class goes on. The previous class to be exact confirmed my confusion and I ended up not thinking much about it.

At the very last 15 minutes before the class ended, Dr Azlan pointed up something. While he sat down and stared to the students infront of him, he said “making laws is easy, the difficult part is to implement it”. The class was silent. I guess, everyone is thinking. It is right. Inventing laws is easy. At least,  easier than to implement them.

Then, he stood up. “You can’t condemn this ordinance when you is an officer. But, I can. I am an academic people”. He smiled.

“We have the best law in protecting our wildlife! But what makes it fail?”.He continued.

It is implementation and enforcement. This is what really define how strong the law is.

The class on that day discussed about law enforcement and social norm. What if when you see an old man selling a bunch of totally protected or protected wildlife in order to get money for his family? Would you arrest him under this particular section?

Let say you know that this poor woman selling this particular vegetation just to continue living. The vegetation is obviously protected under 6th or 5th schedule of this ordinance which can cause her 5 thousands dollars of fine, are you willingly to report this to the authority?

Part of the class say no.

Dr said, the ordinance should be re-edit. Cut off the laws that is impossible to be carried out. Put in something that really can work out.

I agreed. The laws invented is not thoroughly made. Some of the protected plants are not actually extinct compared to some species that is not written in the ordinance. Some of them is widely planted in residential area while in fact they can’t be planted. But, still..nobody had been arrested, nobody pays the fine.

Then, what’s the actual purpose of the ordinance?

I started to think, but as usual it just hang up like that. The thought is just evaporated and blew away with the evening cold wind.

Integrity is another subject that fall under a very wide and deep discussion and definition. I think, we can’t control all the biodiversity value on this planet ; even we try so hard. We destroyed everything and yet we are fixing them, and at the same time we continue destructing.

It is funny to see what we are doing.
Let us unite in conserving our mother nature. At least,  it is possible to minimise the impact of our own destruction.

Enough of my whatever-midnight-thoughts. Let try to get some sleep before the sun rises again, before the same routine starting again.


First day

Bismillah. Hajimemashite!

My first class just now was Remote Sensing and GIS, followed by Japanese Language. I love to take my first class into account just to guess how tough the subject is. What can I say, Remote Sensing & GIS  is a tough subject  not to mention actually, all the subjects in this semester are quite ‘killing’. They are kind of something that I never heard of. But, it depends also on my determination and enthusiasm on those subjects.

3 hours lecture. Wow! It really tortures my brain, plus with the compact and dense lecture notes. Well, if I am a lecturer, I prefer to give my students a mind-map-note. Or, my students should summarised by themselves into their own mind map? Haha, whatever, but the point is ; 3 hours for a lecture, Really?

I once heard and learnt about Remote Sensing when I was in second or third semesters in Physical Oceanography. It involved something that I can’t physically see and involved spatial ability to imagine the process, how it works, and so on. This semester, Remote Sensing become more violent. I have to ‘dive in’ deeper into this subject and try to relate to my course. It is interesting to know how modern the technology is ;  especially in scientific study. Remote sensing is an application that use electromagnetic energy to ‘translate’ a particular area like forests or coral reef into a map, without any contact with them. From the image, we can know a lot of particular details. Awesome isnt? I think, if there’s such application to scan on peoples, maybe we can know their true personalities, intentions and feelings inside them, that are impossible to see with naked eyes, right? 😀

Then, Japanese language by Najwa sensei. Haha, how on earth I am thinking to  take that language. I never included the languange in my must-know-languange wish list. So, it is called destiny. Maybe, one find day I will further my study in Japan? Who knows? At the moment Najwa sensei asked my class about Japan, my fellows classmates told her about anime, this particular cartoons, that particular actor/ actress/ singer/ and whatsoever and I was like, walking in the dark, waiting the storm to end. I am so ZERO about those Japan stuffs and field. What I knew is there’s certain cartoon like Doraemon, Detective Conan and the other classics-childhood cartoons.

and the ‘storm’ ended. Started to learn Japanese like I was in kindergarten,learning ABC. Sensei asked us to buy a book with boxes ; just like a Mathematic exercise book to practice on alphabets and how they should be sounded out. Not to forget , a pocket Vocab book. The mechanisms in learning third language, maybe I can apply the method that I used to learn Arabic when I was in school six or five years back.

It is interesting in getting the new knowledges, and doing things we never done. The ecstacy in pushing ourselves to a certain limit is just awesome. For every thing happen, it has its own first time. So, I should not scared on the new thing.


Semester Review


Hari ni hari check result final exam dan tak dapat dinafikan yang aku target rendah sikit semester ni. Sebab semester ni aku ambik subject yang memang out of the box minda aku. Konon nak cabar minda, dan medulla oblongata la sangat. Tapi, ok lah, memang aku niat nak try ambik sesuatu yang aku tak pernah belajar. Tu kan peluang? Apa guna aku masuk uni tapi tak rebut peluang depan mata?


Subject yang aku maksudkan ialah Finance. Seumur hidup aku tak pernah sentuh bab-bab finance, perakaunan bagai. Tapi, alhamdulillah, result yang tertera pun not bad. Actually, better daripada apa yang aku target. Berhempas pulas aku dengan diyanah perah otak dan baling dadu dalam exam hall hari tu.Allah memang Maha Pemurah dan DIA akan bagi kalau kita berdoa.

InsyaAllah, ilmu kewangan (finance) itu akan berguna dalam hidup aku.

Microbiology. Ok.Yang ni subject yang paling aku suka selepas aquatic botany dan aquatic vertebrate. Takdak kata-kata yang aku boleh cipta untuk gambarkan betapa awesome nya subject ni. Minute things yet very important microorganism in our life. Yang tu hal yang aku suka. Memandangkan sistem pendidikan disini ialah sistem peperiksaan, yang nak ingat nama saintific bakteria,etc tu yang buat aku tak tentu arah. Haish. Puas aku cipta cerpen, akronim untuk ingat nama depa, last-last lupa jugak. Besalah tu,manusia. Tapi apa hal saintis dulu-dulu boh nama belit-belit? Tak paham aku =.=

dan Alhamdulillah juga, walaupun tak dapat  A tapi memuaskan juga. Padanlah dengan usaha yang kita buat,kan?

Menyelam dalam matapelajaran yang begitu dekat dengan hati aku iaitu Aquatic vertebrate, Aquatic botany dan Mangrove and Estuary Ecosystem, harus aku akui yang aku betul-betul enjoy those subjects. Grade? Tak berapa kisah sangat.Yang penting ilmu yang aku dapat. Memang membuka mata aku tentang kekuasaan Allah dan Kebesaran-NYA. Pensyarah pun super boom boom.Daebak! InsyaAllah. Semoga ilmu yang aku pelajari tak hilang dan akan berguna dalam hidup aku atas muka bumi ni.

Biochemistry. Takmau discuss panjang sebab I prefer biology more than chemistry -.- Tapi, alhamdulillah juga, at least I tried my very best.

For me, Ilmu bukan pada pointer is always releven dan memang  sangat betul. Tapi, tulah, pointer pun a big role juga since dunia sekarang ukur based on that first,right?

love being an aquatic student 🙂