Homie First Note

Yay, I’m home! Alhamdulillah safely arrived and survived with the eyebags and exhausted physical and mental. Double flights with those heavy luggage, and today I can feel my arm muscles were all cramped and teared apart. Haha. A pat on my back, I wasn’t loss in searching way at KLIA2. Nearly fell from the escalator, oh let’s forget that. Haha.

It was a happy ending. Arrived home and just a few days left for us to meet Ramadhan, InsyaAllah – and also internship! Argh. Hate that. Whyy? I dont know XO

No better place like home. Yes I trust is a place that we can be our very true selves, enjoy a genuine love, accept and live with each other’s good and bad, and everything that may come into your mind about love, return home and you’ll find that. Exaggerating? Haha who cares. I love it. So, you can tell if people love or hate you. It is by observing (mostly) because not everything are spoken out directly. Agree?

Oh by the way, mark on a final exam subject was released out. Just one subject, what a speedy! Released out 2 days ago to be exact, just viewed it tonight.

So, happy holiday! Enjoy the freedom before being engage again.

Feeling do evolve, right? Greatly evolved with time. Sometimes you love something like crazy, like you can’t live a second without it, but there’s a time when you feel nothing. Neither hate nor love –  a hollow nothing, and you’re just too tired to mind anything.


Tonight’s bed time story on the most comfy place in the universe :]

Personal, Review



After The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder (I think, it was back then some months ago,very long time ago) I always and still finding a chance to buy her book again. But, I never found them.

One thing that I love her writing is that – she writes something near to my heart,very near. I can feel them as if they talked to me,closely. I can read them in 2 days, or maybe just in one day if full attention were given. The Day Before came in different way, not like the other novels. They are written in short rhythm like poem (but it’s not poem) and the message beyond those I wish to write like that too. But seems something is stuck inside,I just don’t understand why. Hope I can be back to normal,again. A normal me when I see things, my back side of my mind will be actively create things and stories.

Yesterday – At library, I walked through out all the book shelfs since there’s a group of Indian keep talking and chatting that really annoyed me (hey, this is library.Ok?) and happened to found an awesome book entitled Caffeine for the Creative Mind : 250 Exercises to wake up your brain. Creatively written with creative ideas and thoughts! Not to mention, the book itself is about CREATIVE!

Who is creative?

Did you?

I am not?

heh.throw all those humble shit of thoughts. In fact, EVERYONE is creative. Yes, you are creative. Me too. Everyone. In its purest form, a ‘creative’ is anyone who CREATES. Creating anything. If you make something, you are creative. If nothing existed and then you appeared and then something existed chances are you created it. So, we are creatives.The only things that differentiates those-we-think-are-truly-creative from us is execution.

We all generate ideas, but FEW act upon those ideas, realise those ideas, or execute those ideas. Everyone has them but not everyone ANNOUNCE and TALK about them.What keeps people from communicating their ideas?Mostly FEAR. Afraid that if we share our ideas, we will be rebuked by others. It is natural.

It is hard to believe that our ideas is worth announced. So, that’s why they will be keep in silence, no announcement, sharing, no nothing. In personal, I am that type of people. Feeling that my ideas is too good to be announced. How arrogant is that? Haha. Need to make some revisions on Japanese characters. Will have a short quiz this evening. Hope I will remember them well. InsyaAllah.


did you confident enough?


As my eyes were “walking” and “wandering” through website by website, I bounded to an awesome article entitled “10 ways to tell if you are writing with confidence” at my favourite blog of Writes Write .

There are some clues that reflect the writer’s confidence. They are :

  1. are willing to take chances and try something new in their writing. They listen to suggestions. They don’t take criticism personally.
  2. mostly write in the active voice. Their characters are the stars of the show.
  3. write in specifics. They don’t use modifiers and qualifiers to hide what they’re trying to say.
  4. don’t overwrite. When they’ve said what they need to say, they stop.
  5. use the five senses on every page. They have learnt how to stop telling and they have mastered the art of showing.
  6. use strong verbs, and stop using unnecessary adverbs. They do not pad their writing.
  7. write with sentences that vary in length and structure. They develop a rhythm. They watch the right hand side of the page to make sure there is enough white space.
  8. have a writing routine. They embrace the discipline of a writer’s life by sticking to a schedule.
  9. stop being defensive about their writing. They listen to constructive criticism. They do not attack people who think or write differently to them.
  10. have a tangible writing goal, with achievable deadlines.

World is a canvas and we are the writers 🙂



What happen?

Actually these days I sort of in “blank” state.A lot of things happened around me, which made some part of me experiences somewhat called “revolution” or “evolution” ? haha. Whatever it called, but the basic meaning is “CHANGES”.

Things get worse when I have no idea how to put an end to my cerpen. I already set an end to the story but I felt uneasy to the ending. Regardless uneasy because the ending is not interesting or maybe I just forgot how the ending should be. I plan a twist-plot method but yeah, practice is really count!

I have to admit that in writing world, once you are not regularly practiced or just happen to think about ” what to write”, it just blown up, blown away.The ideas are not really creative and your brain is like cramping! oh.That sound extreme,but yep it do occur to me! >.<

Few days back, im really in crazy mood. I did feel something that I deadly promise to myself to do not feel it even once! Now i feel it,it just worse.I dont want to feel it. Worse.Worse.Worse. Shame on me!

So, what happen? Earth spinning around and so as me.Reality,indeed.

Ya Allah, do keep me in straight way. Make my heart clear from any negative feeling and anything that may take me astray from you. Ameen ya Rabbal ‘alamin.