Sonny Boy

A true story that was documented during World War II. I knew this movie was just a fragment piece of what had happen along the war period. War brought up pain, challenges, determination, desperation, separation,happiness (in its own way) sorrows and the most tragic was death.

I’m easily touched when watching those kind of movie and I understand why A. Samad Said is very keen in writing war stories. So much had going on inside the war.

War and love ; now I can accept that phrase.

The Wicker Man

It is interesting to watch a 1973-film (now is 2014! – ok, I’m so left behind) of The Wicker Man. Adapted from a novel, it is a about a ritual in an isolated island that sacrificed human for their crops, presenting to the god. At the end of the story, a man from the mainland was burn to death. Those type of sacrifice I believed were common in the ancient society. I wonder if society like San people is still exist, are they still hunting for their life? I’m sure the percentage is decreasing or maybe approaching to none; or maybe they still living in that way, who knows.

It reminds me of Intan. She took a course on Sociology and Anthropology which study mostly about human and their ritual. I’m sure, studying human is as complicated as being a human itself. Each society and races have their own beliefs and theories; depend on their surrounding landscape.

It is exciting to be Intan. If I was her, I will be wrote a lot of stories after each class. haha.

Enough of this free-rambling. Kedah is getting darker, and everybody had their eyes closed. Dawn will show up in few hours later. Dawn after dawn, I have to return back finishing another one semester. Hope that everything is just alright, so that I can experienced a new environment and stay away for a little time.

Being home never fails to recharge me. As planned, I have my decision. Glad to return there with some decisions so that I can chase towards it.

by Halizan Halim
by Halizan Halim

Cangerik yang mengajak bual, maaflah,sekarang sudah terlalu larut 🙂

Malaysia – Japan


Today marked the opening ceremony of the Japanese Film Festival, held at GSC, CityOne Mall.The objectives of this festival is to build a good relationship between Malaysia and Japan, besides introducing each other’s  unique cultures. My sensei asked for any five volunteers that can attend the festival, and I am one of them. Nothing to pay, just arrange our own transportation ( how I wish to have my own car,here! ) and well, we watch a movie entitled “Ken and Mary”!

This movie actually will be on Japan’s cinema few weeks later, but we’re given speciality to watch it earlier just now. Awesome movie after all,worth watching! Besides enjoying the story line, we actually can figure out some simple sentences and writings that we learned before. Now I can see the joy beyond learning all that.

Made new friends as well, Auntie Angeline and her husband. They are too kind and friendly. Oh, she’s from Kedah and married to Sarawakian. She even asked for my number so that when she return Kedah, she would contact and meet me. Look forward to meet her again,what a nice auntie she is.

I think most of the men in this century are being too open. Know what? We have no interest in shaking your hands. We are not used to it. Outspoken enough? heh. I saw that as a huge challenge for muslimah that’s living in this challenging century. We should be strong enough to say no to the “hand”. Peace 🙂


Movie Review : Millionaire Tour


So, today I watched Millionaire Tour at KIX HD. Out of 5 stars, I gave 4 stars! What a great and simple movie (well, not that simple).

The first thing that made my eyes remain stick onto it, is the dialogue between Greg and the taxi driver. He said that he loves to be at airport. The taxi driver laughed and say that Greg is kidding. But then, Greg explained why he said so. He loves to see peoples. Their behaviour, how they talk and how they say goodbye.

I love that line.

and something happen on the way to his destination.

and the ending is unexpected! To know more, watch it by yourself.

Something that I learnt from this movie, is that evil people is also a human being. They also have a heart and yeah, maybe they have their own reason of being evil.