The Library (a short film)


Today, a whole day at the library with Denah. She worked on some stuffs on PC and of course, YouTube-ing and I just keep my eyes on the stack of books that I borrowed. They are five or six of them. Haha. I can’t find the book that I really want, and ended up bring all those books home.

And after some tiring-reading, I glanced to Denah. Saw what she watched, some video clips and whoosh!- I’m involved.

Blame her.

Out of sudden, we are watching a Thailand’s short film entitled “The Library”. So, I felt like wanna do some review about it even I knew I’m not so master in writing one.heh

Yes, as the title stated; most of the scene were at a library. It was about unread messages and well, untold feeling. There was a man who always read the book in the library; the place where the girl worked (librarian). Make it short, the girl fell in love with the man and she never told him. Books by books were borrowed by the man and the girl is still, just being a receptionist at the library counter.

One day, the man brought a beautiful girl to the library and they have so much fun. They read books together, bursting some laughs and they is a happy couple. The librarian girl was just watching their happiness from a far distance and gave up on her dreams. Dreams to live with the man was slowly vanished. Maybe she know, there’s no point in fighting on someone that had been madly in love.

Years passing by, the man and the beautiful girl were married and having a cute daughter. Unfortunately, they had some problems in the marriage – his wife left him for another man. And since then, the man went to the library more often than usual. He brang together his daughter and the librarian girl started to become a part of them,  playing around with her.But with the man, – they didn’t talk too much, still.

It is one night- when the man was at the library, and the librarian girl suggested a book to him; a book that was related to an eternity life. The man thanks her for being there during his down time. The girl was about to say that she loves him, but she never did and the man finally left the library.

Time passes.

The man never shows up at the library anymore. Until one day, his ex-wife came and returned back the book that she gave to him that night. She has been told that the man is passed away due to liver cancer. She cried and the tears fall onto the card that had been “hang” on the first page of borrowed book’s pocket. She saw a handwriting behind the card.

It is written that “This is my last message for you…” and she know, with the “last” ; there should be a “first”! She ran finding the books that the man borrowed all those days. It was true, behind every cards, there were some short messages and all are written for her. The man loves her too at the first day they meet each other’s eyes.

But it’s too late.

“I don’t know why, I want you to be the first person to know..” – a note behind the book’s card that the man borrowed when his daughter born. I’m thinking – Is that a love-reaction? Wanting someone to be the first person to know something? I guess so..

So, with that, the short film ended.


It is sad. They love each other and never find way to unite – common? I asked Denah, what is the lesson she got. She said that, we have to tell our beloved that we love them before it’s too late. “And find some appropriate and non-complicated way”, I added.

I agree. Life should not be so complicated. This film shouldn’t be review on inter-gender love only, family and friends – we should tell them how much we heart them.

This is not a movie review I guess? More to a story telling.hehe.





Found this.

I was thinking what are the things that I wish I had the courage to say. But, at the end of the day, I have a simple thought. or you can say it is an ‘escape’ thought.

My thought was ; it is over and why you’re wishing to rewind the time and keep thinking about things you never say. I came to remember a fact that said Asian people have very low courage to say the bitter truth. It is largely due to our Eastern behaviour that ruled to be not rude. Saying the bitter truth may hurt people, but saying the sweet lie is a way more worst in the time will come.

Asian people have low courage to say things they wished to say. I am an Asian.

so, what are the things that you wish you had the courage to say?



Attent FYP’s meeting with Dr Lim Po Teen yesterday, I miss attending his lecture,actually. He is someone that I proud of. Not only him, all lecturers are awesome and have  their own expertise and uniqueness that make me go  “I want to be like him!”, “I want to be like her!” and that kind or urge.

Leaving my deadly ambiltion of being gynaecologist (I am so enthusiastic to be a gynaecologist – few years back), I started to see its hikmah of being here. Some mentalities and paradigm in me has changed and I can say that my old me is totally different. Totally different. So, if my old old friend meet me, they will say that I’ve changed. If they dont say it loud, I know they will say silently inside.

It is okay. Yes, I am changing and maybe I will keep changing. Suddenly remembered of mom’s ‘evergreen’ quote of manusia itu baharu. As I keep growing old(?), I just get the meaning of the quote. I will no more laugh when mom said that, because it is true! deadly true.

Dr Lim Po Teen talked about some guides of referencing. Alas, what I learnt in ARW few semesters back can’t be used. Somehow, something should be made differently. Then, I know, the format of the refrencing that I learnt is actually for social science. Mainly for social science, but for science (more to my Faculty’s style) is quite different. I have to edit the entire of my proposals! Good.

Dr also highlighted on website’s source of referencing and told us to write the date of access. Because, the content may changed as the date passed by.

It reminds me of myself. I love to read my pass diary,like 2010’s, 2011’s just to see how much thing has changed. Things changed much in 2013, I think. Sometime, it left me with this question > “did I passed through all these?”

or maybe some immature deeds of mine that made me annoyed and really sick. Did I really did that?Ohmy!

But, now I have no solid diary. I hate to pour all my feeling and story to a blank page. It just don’t get me enough. Or maybe I hate writing about me and what I concerned about.

Till here. Heard that we can acess a lot more journals if using university’s’ WiFi? I just know about it. Ok. Now, I felt like first year student!


short post


Yesterday, I officially checked in to my room. Grateful that I still own my previous room. Alhamdulillah. Staying in the same apartment starting from my very first footstep in this university, I befriend with various housemates behaviour and personality. Semester by semester, my old housemate will be ‘disappeared’ and will be replaced with another housemates. It reminds me on the fact of life.

Life, as we know it; it goes on, no matter how we wish to stop certain moment in our life. Sometime, life brings someone that cheers up our life but at some moment, they will disappear from us. After all, we live not because of people and what they bring, but our life is for Allah, to worship and obey HIM. May Allah grant us with HIS Jannah. Ameen.