Three days more till 2016

Three days more till 2016. Is this really happening?!

Well, let’s accept the fact that 2016 will be coming soon with a lot more unexpected moments.

Looking back through the year, 2015 is a weird and tough year for me. Graduated at the end of 2014, stepping into a new 2015 I started to ask “what’s next?” and never seemed to find an answer. I don’t know if I was the only one on this planet who felt it, but I kind of lost like a small fish in a big, big pond. I don’t know what I should do. Sounds like a loser enough, huh? Apologies. But I really was.  Hence, I just went for things that were available. I gambled in making decisions. I tried new things, learned a lot of new knowledge and most importantly, all the roads I’ve walked – it made me become a more mature Izni, who is stronger and braver in living her life. I can see an Izni who learned to be a positive being, a strong riser after every fall and I am proud that I didn’t waste 2015 staying static. I was improved in some ways and perhaps this coming 2016 would be another great journey of mine.

2016 resolutions? Ah. Come on, I know this is rather lame but I really want to work on a few things in my lists.

First thing is – Travel the world! I wouldn’t mind what type of job I would have, but once I secured one, I will work like hell just to save for my next travel plan.

Second, I just wanna be a healthier and happier human.

With that, happy 2016 peeps! May all of our dreams come true.


The first 20 hours

“The greatest things in the world are brought about by other things which we count as nothing: little causes we overlook but which at length accumulate.”

So true, no?

Read it in “The First 20 Hours” book, one of the books that I found inspiring and refreshing. I know a book entitled “The Power of Now” (never read it) and I think the theory is the same. It is all about how enthusiastic we are in acquiring a new skill or just at least, to reach our daily life goal. How to be a very positive and productive people, the way we look ourselves, mind over matter thingy, and all – this book win!

After all, I think I should reschedule my daily days and re-set the surrounding vibes and goals. My enthusiasm is now renewed! The book really came on the right time.

Below is another motivating snippet. Happy reading!

“At every moment of every day I must decide what I am going to do the next moment;  and no one can make this decision for me, or take my place in this.”

Here’s a simple truth: the only time you can choose is today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month or next year. Today. When you wake up in the morning, you have a choice. You can choose to invest your time  acquiring skills that will make your life more successful, enjoyable, and rewarding…  or you can squander your time doing something else.


Before anything, keep the intention right.

Eny told the stories passionately to me, on the outputs she got during yesterday night’s event. * events and bazaar everywhere these days. Plus the Open Day BRC ( glad that I can rest from faking my enthusiasm on those things just to get a room in the college).

The event is generally about Study and Marriage (yes. Again . that topic. haha). I forgot its long name, but yeah generally they discussed on that.

The points were the same as I’m thinking. Don’t get so rush and worry in that matter. Believe that someone has been destined for you. Everybody has their someone. They are heading to you now, and at the right time, everything will fall nicely,  right on its place. Beautifully.

If you love someone, pray. Asking Allah whether he/she is good for you. If you feel that you make the right decision, and somehow the time is so right to take a step forward, then make a move. How madly in love you are, if Allah said “no, they are not good for you” – indeed HE planned the best for us, then accept it and pray so that you will get a better one.

If we are not ready for any commitment due to some other things that have to be settled first before settling ourselves down, then stay still. Do something beneficial, and keep improving ourselves. Ignore the urge inside, because we can’t do anything when we’re not ready. Be the criteria that we want to have in our someone. And keep praying.

One important point that Eny told me which I deadly deadly agree with. It is about our intention to marry someone. INTENTION is more powerful than love –  Well, the panels doesn’t said that, I create the principle. Haha.

So, what’s our intention? What’s the goal of the planned marriage? What do you expect from your soulmate? What are your goals in life? Everything must be clear.

It reminds me that marriage is a serious thingy. Not just I love you – you love me- we are a happy family. It involves a lot of thing.

I think two people which can be a good friend in every situation, and can complete each other – is enough in a marriage. After all, lovey-dovey session will end some day, what remain is a strong and true friendship. That’s what make marriage last long.

Again, the unmarried (yet) gambles so much about marriage stuffs. Haha.

Oh. Eny will get married after this degree study. She is so advanced in her little cute size. Can’t wait to attend my first classmate’s wedding.

Only this time – marry?


Early 20s created so much events in my life. Yes, I am youngest among most of my friends from the start I was in kindergarten or in school or here in university, I am youngest regarded to my birthday! So, no friend admit that I am matured although I am. Hey, I am matured, okay. Haha. Ok, little bit childish here and there but please not count.

Today I will write about BASIC human need and it goes to LOVE.

Love? Err.

So what?

People’s mind especially women’s (I am woman) has large part in their mind which is actively thinking about love. That’s why woman is so much alert about love and tend to show theirs more than men does. We can see in our mom and dad. How they show their love and so on.

Stepping slowly into 20s, I admitted that I think about love more often than my years before. I started to think about the serious thing like marriage. In this case, I shouldn’t be so ego saying that I never want to be with my other half. I shouldn’t be ego when I fall in love with someone, I shouldn’t be ego if I targeted someone to be my future husband. But, after all, I am an ordinary girl which live with ordinary life and customs. I have nothing extraordinary to be pointed out. I shouldn’t ego to keep in praying what I am hoping.

Recently, thought on that is escalating. To be frank, I am so tired living all alone and how I hold myself to be not in “couple phenomenon”. I would rather be single and alone than being in that circle. I prefer short introduction, clear intention, quality engagement and simple wedding and invest in marriage. It is what I dream of.

What if.. I mean let say, if right after I am graduating, I will be married? I need someone that can always be beside me, motivating me whenever I am down like now, make me laugh when I stress, changing thoughts and idea, improving each other’s self, unconditionally love and live with me, teaches me what I need to learn and understand me well.

I think I can manage my life and stress well after marriage. Ask for my hand right after I am graduating. I don’t know if you read this. But I hope you are reading. Yet I don’t know who are “you”. Haha. Yes. I mean you 🙂

Sounds desperate? oh. No way. I am not. Just, the fitrah manusia to be in pair is mushrooming in myself when I step into twenty-something years old. It is pretty normal.

The key is pray and tahajjud and istikharah. Improve our daily prayer and at the same time, use this time to learn more about Islamic knowledge like tajweed and sirah for us to tell our future childrens.

Everything will be beautifully fall in place one day.InsyaAllah.

Till then, it is the first time ever I write about “I want to be married”. So, dont get irritated, only this time 😀

So, it is rain heavily and I don’t know how to walk back to my college.


Life Plan


Around 1 am when I can’t get my eyes close, something keep wandering in my mind. I dumped into a thought ; a long thought. It is about how I want to live my life tomorrow and in the future. What I really want in my life and what I want to do.

I woke up and turn on the light back again, and draft this with hand on my forehead, thinking. Haha, it is really funny how I worried about my life. How it will be going; I am really care about it recently. ‘Recently’ ya!

I am 21 years old and may be it is time to really think about future and how my life will be going. (*or it is quite late?Nothing is too late 😛 )DSC04466

I am fully understand that as we planned, Allah also planned. Indeed, Allah’s plan is the best evah!

I submitted my life and myself fully to Allah. May this 1am-plan work! 🙂

At the age of 26, I should live in ‘a team’. Who will be the members?

Question mark, again. Life is a question mark,huh?

my biggest trust is on my Creator and HE isThe Best Planner.
my biggest trust an Faith is on my Creator and HE is The Best Planner.