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sleep deprivation

This morning  started out as usual. Just, maybe what makes it different is the sun. It seems to shine brighter and dazzle by the strong warmth. Sky looks like a blue and beautiful ocean and the rays disperse through the cloud cracks, forming another stunning reflection on the ground.

I forced myself to wake up after quality-less sleep last night. It has been more than a week since I couldn’t sleep at night. I don’t know what’s happening or what I was and am thinking, but they disturbed and stirred up my mind pretty bad.

Spending my last moment at UPM, being here in IBS. The place where I was once looked high and planted quite a good ambition, but ALLAH knows best. He really does. After finishing Kim Wei’s sample, which might take about two weeks (hopefully), then I am totally free.

I got two weeks more. Two weeks more..

p/s : gotta make myself busy and tired, hopefully tonight I can have my good sleep again.

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*Firework* 😀

Okay. How should I put this? Had been postponed this post because I don’t know where to start. Even writing this make my heart thumping with excitement. Haha, why I took this so serious. Please bear.

I am immensely grateful for this. Alhamdulillah. A gentle pat on my shoulder for keep struggling this hard. I swear this is one of the things that I did with all my heart, using all what I have. Not to mention,  it also turned my life upside down. Day become day ; night become day. Haha. Fortunately I am still alive now.

Finally, I can use the acknowledgement sample that I saved last year, taken from an awesome book. When I saved it last year, I have a thought : is it too early for an acknowledgement while I’m not start any single thing yet? Haha. Ignoring the thought,  so I saved it. And finally the day arrived. It is just the matter of time. Isn’t? Despite of showing appreciation to those who might involved, I felt like to write more appreciation to my own self – for being able to stand to the end, for keep having trust and keep reminding that “I can”. Alas I never write so. Sounds like syok sendiri pulak. Heh!

This is not the end yet, for sure. Still got some other things to be settled down. But Alhamdulillah, this major errand at least was accomplished. Anything comes in between or after, I put my biggest trust on Allah. HE knows the best.

Just one thing to ponder. After series by series of sins I made, HE still shows me a way. I’m ashamed.

So. I’m back normal again. As human, yeah tonight will be a night that I can switch off the light,  pull up blanket and enjoy the dream.haha. It had been a tough week and I’m thinking of rewarding my self ☆☆☆


Give this and I will love you FOREVER.haha. tempting gilah


outta cave

After a few days stayed in the cave (haha, so called by the folks) today is the breakthrough. Went outing for the last time for this holiday – next week, the normal schedule will resume. Time has really no joke, they fly! Just realize that all these 4 months, I drove illegally. I haven’t renew my driving license during my pass birthday! That is crazy and how I hope to not bound with any roadblock or whatever courses related with police, traffics etc. That wasn’t a big reason for me to sit at the passenger sit. haha, I love driving. So, hope everything will be fine. I just want to extend the illegality until I touch down Kedah later. Just 2 months to go! Ignore the growing fine I have to pay.

Yesterday night was terrible. I can’t sleep although badly worn out. My eyes were closed but it just doesn’t sink below the darkness like usual. Stress for not be able to have a sound sleep. Ever feel that? That was my first time and it is no good. Bad! Seriously bad. The consequence is today. My eyes were in pinky red, and when I tried to sleep this evening, I just fell under sub-sleep. Slept but wasn’t any deep. I wonder what happen? Aging process? I should meet doctor? Heh. That is my second phobia after taking medicine.

About A Walk to Talk, I’m in process to finish it up. The first part was easy and the second part is a bit compact, plus my laziness to type those floating mind into words. Will put an end as soon as possible.



Having sleep disorder recently. Yesterday I just slept for 3 hours and I don’t know why im thinking that much.  We can’t sleep if we fail to shut our mind down. My mind keep working; thinking.

I am not really sure.

Life is getting plain. I hate this.

My eyes are heavier now. I shouldn’t lose this opportunity.  Let get some sleep. Hope this is a quality one. I miss to sleep soundly. Till then.