Within 24 hours

In the storm of assignments and stuffs, there’s a question to me. A funny one. Haha. How did I manage my time to write? To read?

Macam mana nak jawab eh? What a high-class question, and I don’t know what the answer should be. Hoho. If you can understand how I can’t sleep until I write down all the idea loads in my mind,  until I arrange all the puzzles in a paragraph then you’ll learn something about love. Sounds romantic? Heh!

How love keep giving you time. I mean, it needs no certain time to do something you love. You just do it because you love to. That’s all – simple isn’t?

Plus it is bored to do just one thing in a time? I need some space to rest. A rest under my own definition.  You have too, I’m sure.

Prioritise is another big thing in managing everything. I still have a long list of incomplete works, but when it comes to the mood of writing, no I can’t postponed it. I can’t push away the urge of ideas that keep lingering me. I will win it over all the important things. Haha. So, we’re the same.  You have your own passion and me have mine. We have the same 24 hours and the art of allocating it surely is at our fingertips :]

Just be alive. Own a life that’s alive.




So, yes, today is 2nd day of Eiduladha and day is just back into normal, the routine started again. My last draft of proposal had been handed to me this evening with not much negative comments. Alhamdulillah.Two days left before the real submission and with few here and there minor corrections ; then it is ready to be submitted. Hope for the best!

Final Year Project for me, is like a GAME. I dont know in which exact way it mimics a game, maybe in how much it challenges my capability and triggers my adrenaline to fight for a victory. Feel that I’m running out of time day after day.

I hate this urgentia.


Have a seat, and think.

I, actually dont have time to write on how funny our life is.

I, actually dont have time to write on how strange and weird our life is.

If I do, this litle space and even the whole canvas of the world will not bear it.

Because it is funny,strange and weird on how our feeling can barely cheat on us. Sometimes, we are not so sure what we are feeling. We are in puzzle ; thinking on “is it real feeling” or it is just a thing for us to “fill in the blank”.

Maybe all what we need is TIME. Sit back and think deeply what we are really want.

it is like sailing in an ocean. You have to know where to go. You have to own,at least a compass. I mean, a goal.
it is like sailing in an ocean. You have to know where to go. You have to own,at least a compass. I mean, a goal.

Ramadhan : A Gateway


Alhamdulillah, we will reach Ramadhan very soon and let us pray for Allah to make our heart alive along the Ramadhan as well as post-Ramadhan. Ramadhan is often to be called as a gateway of changing and improving.On top of that, it really doesn’t work much if the improvement or the changing is fail to be maintained on the following months.However, to change in Ramadhan is really a rahmah and privilege to have rather than being the same without any improvement ; just like our ‘before’.


Among the twelve months, Ramadhan is the best month on the planet. We had gone through a lot of hardship, battleship of the nafs and everything that build and destruct ourselves.When it comes to Ramadhan, it is our time to reflect back our deeds. If before this, we performed our prayers in rushing and seldom put our hands together to pray, in Ramadhan, we have to make a move.  If before this we feel that to pray and perform tahajud is such a huge and heavy things to do, this Ramadhan, push your self up. Don’t let yourself being the same as before.Be better!

If we ever feel that in those earlier months before Ramadhan, we were too busy of our business until it is too little time spent for Allah and we felt something like a gap between us and Allah ; this is the right time for us to spend time, improve our deeds and taqarrub with HIM. No time, too? Be creative. It doesn’t need for us to stay sit on our prayer mat in order to perform our ibadah. It is always a chance and thousand ways for those who want to become a better slave of Allah. Shortly, something should be improved by this coming Ramadhan.

Reading time!

What I love most about Ramadhan is that, time is being long. It is not the result of solstice or whatsoever (no such thing in Malaysia)  but it is the result whereby a lot of our routine had reduced. To be particular, it is our eating time! We tend to keep thinking about filling our stomach full and what’s next to be eaten. In Ramadhan, everybody is fasting and we unconsciously have a lot of time.

The time can be used to have a good reading of Al-Quran or anything beneficial to our soul and life. Reduce talking and gossiping, maximising reading and understanding. Read the translation of Al-Quran if we hardly understand the Arabic words of it. Seek the love of Allah and pray and pray.Allah is all-listening and Ramadhan is very a good time to pray. Grab the chance!

Istiqamah doing the change and InsyaAllah, the following months after Ramadhan, you can feel the change. Something is renew and it is Imaan. Retain and build it up by keep continuing the deeds, just like we’re in Ramadhan. What matter most is our understanding about the words and orders of Allah, not about how fast we can finish reading the Al-Quran. If so, we tend to read Al-Quran in rushing way and at last, nothing can be gain or felt. That is a waste for our soul.

A Gateway

It is good for us to keep reminding that Ramadhan is a great gateway for us to be better. Why? Because it is easier,dude! Syaitan had been in prison and we have less enemy alive except ourselves. Fight with our self is indeed a true battleship of Ramadhan and the true winner will be revealed in the following eleven months right after the Ramadhan.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that Paradise is surrounded by hardship and the Hell-fire is surrounded by temptation

So, struggle against ourselves and do things that please Allah, not human being.

Until then, have a soul-changing Ramadhan, fellas 🙂

Ramadhan is a beautiful gateway.
Ramadhan is a beautiful gateway.