sleep deprivation

This morning  started out as usual. Just, maybe what makes it different is the sun. It seems to shine brighter and dazzle by the strong warmth. Sky looks like a blue and beautiful ocean and the rays disperse through the cloud cracks, forming another stunning reflection on the ground.

I forced myself to wake up after quality-less sleep last night. It has been more than a week since I couldn’t sleep at night. I don’t know what’s happening or what I was and am thinking, but they disturbed and stirred up my mind pretty bad.

Spending my last moment at UPM, being here in IBS. The place where I was once looked high and planted quite a good ambition, but ALLAH knows best. He really does. After finishing Kim Wei’s sample, which might take about two weeks (hopefully), then I am totally free.

I got two weeks more. Two weeks more..

p/s : gotta make myself busy and tired, hopefully tonight I can have my good sleep again.

Institute of Bioscience



13 hours journey

Journey of 13 hours was finally ended. For the record, that was my longest bus ride ever along my 23 years of living. Yes, from Kedah to Kajang that usually took 6 hours, was being doubled due to the Eid and school holiday.

We reached Kajang around 3.30 in the morning, and took a taxi to my sister’s home. We were so tired and overslept until God-knows-when. Haha. Then, we continued our journey to UPM to ‘meet’ the beloved car by commuter, took another bus and bla bla bla we arrived UPM. Took the car, off to The Mines and finally to my college.

What a tiring day.

CKW asked me about the report and I had not finished it yet. Tomorrow onwards will be so busy for an Izni. I just need to do things seriously. Starting this week, I have to attend some classes too! I nearly forget about it. I must figure out the bus schedule. Hopefully I’m not gonna burden Sakinah anymore.

Recent news said that there’s flowing water on Mars. Does it means it has potential living organism on it? Surely it does if there’s water, right? Talking about this, I remembered one of my lecturers back then in my undergrad study, he said “Why bother what’s there on other planet? We’re not enough discover Earth”. I don’t know what were the other students felt, but I’m totally disagree with the lecturer. I don’t think we shouldn’t bother. For the sake of curiosity that exist in our helix, we need to bother and think about it. At least, that will remind us how Great Allah is.

the thumbprint

Oh Crap! Crap!

I just knew that the thumbprint was actually used as my attendance record which lead to my paycheck at the end of the month. Meaning to say, every single day I have to scan my thumbprint at 8 am and again before return home, at 5 pm. I forgot that I’m actually working here instead of being a student. Hmm, okay. My bad.

So, it is a waste that I came here before without thumbprint. It has been 4- 5 days! I don’t know how much I lost on that. Nobody ever told me about that! Yeah, in this level nobody should never tell you anything, except asked.

Met Mr Chan, discussed about our project. He asked what I’ve read and I can see he started to compare me with his previous Diploma student. It was said that she (the Diploma student) is so talented in doing this and that tests and procedures. He said, “Why not you? I believe you can do better than her”

Seeing from a positive view, yes I’m all motivated in this – and I should prove that I’m not a wrong person they chosed (even I started to feel so).

*Got an old cell phone from my sis. The space memory is so disappointing that I couldn’t have my Instagram and Facebook in. and my LinkedIn and my Twitter and my WordPress and my BestFont and my Vscocam and my whatsoever apps that I used to have. But Alhamdulillah above all. :]

Student room

Institute of Bioscience, UPM

An Avid Reader

Has been two days since I was officially here. UPM is super large, yes larger than UNIMAS I think. I might lost in this big environment, thanks to Sakinah for preventing that to happen. Talking about Sakinah, she looks way different now compared to four or five years ago. I couldn’t brain why she happened to grow taller and I tragically, have to look up higher talking to her especially when I wore flat shoe like today! She said maybe I grew shorter. Okay, maybe.

She looks more matured than me, laugh a little bit lower than me. Talk a little bit less than me. Since her name is Sakinah which means “peace” in Arabic, it reflects on her personality. I always agree with her parents’ choice of naming her as Sakinah because she always been a calm person since I have first met her.

After five years of not meeting each other, I am struggling to put my awkwardness aside. You know, when you meet your old friend and suddenly you’ve become close again, it feels takes time to be really comfortable again.I don’t know about others but I do feel it. Haha but after all, it feels good to reunite again.

About the room, it is double room. Staying with me are two Degree’s students, doing their short sem. To compare with UNIMAS’s college, urm I preferred UNIMAS’s.  But then again, I shouldn’t compare with anything. I am choosing to be here, so let face and bear everything! It is a real hostel life, and I have to evolve myself as a true hostelian – except the fact that it wasn’t a dorm, packed with 10 or more persons. Heh

Today, Prof assigned me to meet Mr Chan to have a quick brief regarding the project. For RA, I’m gonna involve in Extraction of Palm Oil from PKC for Commercial and Health reason, majoring in subcritical water extraction and microemulsion WHICH I had no idea at all. Brilliant.

So, I met Mr Chan. He spoke a fluent English (everybody here does!) and having background of mostly Chemistry. So by now, you know I will be surrounded by Chemistry thingy, he even reminded me the fact that I should study all the related facts and theories back again.

On the way heading UPM with my sis yesterday, I told her “Kak, I will be an avid reader starting tomorrow” and today – as I wished.

May Allah makes it easy for me, InsyaAllah.

student room,

Institute of Bioscience (UPM)