4 years and counting

4 Year Anniversary Achievement

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
You registered on WordPress.com 4 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.
Happy 4 years old buddy! You have been loyal with me along these 4 years. We went through a lot of transitions together. It feels like home when I’m here so yeah, stay with me and remain a good listener.

2 years and counting


Thanks WordPress for the reminder. I barely remember the exact born-date of this little buddy! So today is her anniversary, it has been two years already! Yosh!

Two years ago – on this date, it was my semester break. I touched down my homeland and was home alone in the next morning (working-day for everyone), starred on my laptop screen, thinking of something that I’ve been secretly wished for. Own a blog! Writing! Day-to-day self-expression, pouring thoughts! and just with that, it was (finally) born 😀

Writing on WordPress is totally unplanned at the very first time. I couldn’t remember why I chose WordPress instead of Blogspot, Blog, Webs, etc. All I remember is just signed up for an account, and bragged it to Denah.Haha. And she suddenly wanna owned one too (she signed up, but seldom update anything. Denah, I’m waiting for your blog entry 😛 )

.. and the rest is history.

Happy anniversary my little loyal buddy! Let’s make the world a better place to live :]

p/s : this is the 563rd post!

Writing, I think, is not apart from living. Writing is a kind of double living. The writer experiences everything twice. Once in reality and once in that mirror which waits always before or behind.

– Catherine Drinker Bowen –

name obsession?

It has been a while since the last time I peeked into the theme option. Didn’t realise that there are some new gorgeous themes that was offered. Forgetting the urge feeling to own a premium theme (paid theme comes in different, unique and beautiful theme!), I chose this as my current theme. Oh yes, it took 3 hours *or more* for me to decide – I love my old theme very much,but some things have to be renew,no?

It is a love at the first sight and when it was first published, wow I was stunned with my big, wide name up there. It looks like “hey, this is my name! My blog! So much special and important – mind the font size – so you better remember this name”. haha.

Wait, do you proud of having your name now? Do you love that? Well, I do. But seriously it is not the real intention of picking up this blog theme ( I told you it’s a first sight love 😛 )

I remembered when I asked my mom. If I want to be a writer someday, what name I should put on? And when she replied, I wasn’t sure about that. I doubted whether the name can stand out, whether people will look at the name and so and so. So, I use the name, the deserted name. Time passed, I started to regain my confidence. I turned out loving the name so much because nobody in this world having the same name like mine or better yet there’s nobody can be me, except me my true self.

Am I obsessed with my name? Not really. It is a gift, so I used it :]

I don’t know where is the exact link with the header font’s theme that I wish to link with, but please ignore the large-ever-blog-name displayed. Control your vomit and nausea by scrolling straight down to the blog content. Heh

So, that’s all at this 2.43 am.

Time to get a sound rest. Let’s give a way for the moon to make a good date with darkness of the universe.


three in a row


It is my fault, I think. I should not ignore them for too long. It is a precious lesson and I will be more serious in the second batch. I just feel, doing something following regulations and procedures make me sick. I hate following guidelines or timetable, they restrict me and my life.

But I won’t give up that easy.  As the saying goes, experience is the past tense of experiment. It is normal having some absurdity; I will do better next time. Will try to put myself under “timetable”.

Met En Nasa just now, I realized it has been ages since I didn’t go to his office and talk for hours. He never run out of topic and always has something to talk. At the end of this month, he will fly to Ireland, pursuing his study and will return back as Dr Nasa. Wow! Proud of you. Wishing you all the best and do send me some gift from there! 😀

I am thinking what organisms I should culture? They need some research plans from the applicant. What about culture oyster to harvest pearl? I can open some jewellery shops someday. haha.

1459843_662896137081825_1579970424_nAnd also, today is the exact date of this blog anniversary. I just received this :


and Oki Setiana Dewi is married! Her husband must be the luckiest man on earth. Beautiful and intelligent muslimah. She is such a role model, at least for me.


That’s it. Three in a row story.

happy one-year-old!


Happy Sunday! The name really fits today, the sun shines mildly after a long time dimmed and gloomed. Alhamdulillah. I have few things to marked on today,nothing much for me to write, no special occasion or such. Just run away for a while from the wordy notes and the bad urges to finish studying everything before stepping into exam hall. Fuh.

Izniarifahshuib.wordpress.com will celebrate its one-year anniversary in this coming January! It has been a year since this blog was created. I never expected that I can really be quite consistent and discipline in being  so-called a blogger (wordpresser? If there such word).

I am not an active blogger, for sure la kan. I just write whatever I want and it is not a private diary because I am always fail in translating my feelings into exact words and sentences. In fact, I’d been retired from writing a formal diary.

So, as Pancasara described his blog as an “entity”, I described mine as an island or a companion, maybe. An island (minus coconut tree and hypnotic wave sound) that I can be alone and separate myself from this busy universe, where I can scream in silences, or just cried on the words. Or as a companion when I need to convey what I think without any objection from others or when I can create any metaphoric words related to what I feel (since I hate writing my exact feelings everywhere).

So, its not a lengthy description isn’t? hehe. So, happy anniversary to my island and my companion! Be with me, we will be walk through a beautiful journey, I promise.

i am hungry.

Some cake or dessert? This. Ok, now I am hungry


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