Can I be on leave forever but still have money in my pocket?

I don’t feel like writing actually but lets try to describe what I was up to these few days.

Well, 4 days flew like nobody’s business, I had a great short escape and being away from work and terrible traffic..are just awesome. Nothing beats the feeling of being home. Besides the joy of overeating 😛 , I feel kinda recharged and motivated to continue whatever things I used to the freaking making-money-routine.

It was quite different from my stay before. This time, I engaged with loads of old friends from secondary school & university. Friends from uni, no other name except Denah & Fiqah. We met at Penang, I supposed to attend my matriculation friend’s wedding but I don’t know why -we didn’t manage to do so. Hence, we strolled around the sunny Penang. We went to our favourite places & my wishlist-place to eat in Penang. We even went to Penang Hill and enjoyed the desserts there which is sooooo good.

Catched up with my old mates from secondary school which I lost contact since 10 years ago. Able to keep in touch again with a bunch of my good good friends and surprisingly, it didn’t feel too awkward as I imagined, maybe its because they were my closest friends back then so it felt comfortable and the chemistry between us lightened again. I think it is not that bad to expose a little bit of myself towards old friends and memories since you know, I am quite like a self-centered person since forever (and will always be).

Touched down KLIA around 12.30 in the morning, my sister from Bangi fetched me, had a short sleep and drove back PJ, now on my working desk writing this and definitely can’t wait until 5pm so that I can get my beauty sleep again. For now, lets pretend to be so fresh.

From left: Fiqah, Denah & me
Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff! Mission accomplished 😀
The famous breakfast stall @ Transfer Road, Penang
One of the beautiful parts of Batu Feringghi!
my old classmates (2017). We were VERY close back then and the bond is still there! Everyone seems so fine 🙂

Friday Blues

I think I’m not the only one who is having Friday Blues today especially when yesterday was holiday and tomorrow is Saturday! If and only if I have a plenty of unused leaves, I wouldn’t be here today, I’ll be enjoying my whole day on my lovely bed and read books instead (while overthinking in between lols).

February, I started to enforce my resolution – bring my own lunchbox as frequent as possible – and I kinda get used to it. It is fun, healthy and simple. By bringing my own food, I am aware of every bit of ingredient / nutrition that goes down into my body system. I am also increasing my water intake, from the inconsistent 2 – 3 L, to the slightly stable 4 – 5 L per day ; which consists of at least 2 L of detox tea. I’m happy to see the results so far. My skin is becoming clearer, no more indigestion, and my body feels lighter. I’m not sure about the pounds since I am quite afraid to put myself on the scale, don’t wanna sound cocky, but yeah I think I’ve been shedding some pounds 😛

A lot of thoughts running in my mind these days. Growing up is not easy. You need to figure out things in your life and put a solid decision on it. At some points, it feels plain stupid for not being able to do what should have done – and for not being able to take control of whatever shits I’m feeling. Life is like that Izni, you are allured by things which is not yours.

Enough of the rant, I started to miss my bed already and it’s just 10.11 am. Damn.



Probation period

Okay. Admit it, has been ages since my last blog post.

Life is good for now (perhaps), work is fine, hopefully! I’m adjusting myself in (and trying to breath somewhere between it) when I didn’t write. I nearly forget the writer side of me, something that I once promised to do not forget no matter what. But I did unfortunately. Never mind.

A month of working at BCI Asia. Never had I imagined I will get involved in this field. Like seriously, construction field? Haha. Not in my wildest dream. But Allah is The Greatest planner, and I can see myself growing in this company. The fact that I’m happy doing this job and my colleagues are all mature,professional and kind, what else I want? Oh ya, I just wanna stay there a bit longer than ever. I wanna pass this probation period and secure myself up. I have a plan, and the plan will be activated after I secure a place in the company.

Please Ya Allah, I wanna pass this probation period.


First day

If I watch what I’m eating, and drinking a plenty of water – I can lose 5kg per week because the journey to my working place is no joke. Journey back home..don’t even ask me.

First day at the office (can you believe I’m now an office-based worker? Haha)is quite challenging in term of understanding how things are done. KC handed me a pile of notes and I must remember them well. Very very well. Today, we had two training sessions and I felt like my mind was pushed into the edge of the limit. But I enjoyed it lah. I chose it so I won’t regret the process. Everything is a process plusss this is a brand new thing for me!

Personally, I think I’m improving. There was no more over-heart thumping when I need to speak in front of public. I became calmer and that means I can think a little bit deep before voicing out anything. That’s good improve Izni. Keep on growing 🙂

Above all, I love the Phileo’s sophisticated environment and the staffs are quite friendly. Just that, there’s no Malay male working there. Haha. Bye.

I have my own place! Haha

January 2016 has been good

I passed PTD (Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik) online test with one go.

Yes, it is more to a dream I would say because the questions are damn hard. It was like you were asked to survive in a hot, empty and sandy desert while all what you used to before is trying to live at the ocean. I mean, it’s a whole different things. Am I exaggerating? Nope, at least it works like that in my case. It is difficult -yes – no doubt, but doable. Surprisingly.

As a jobless graduate that didn’t seem to have a bright future , when I got an email saying I was among a few hundred thousands candidates that were offered to sit for PTD exam on 19 January, my parents are the happiest person. Like seriously, they are so excited and planting quite a hill of hopes on me. After quite a series of darkness I’ve encountered, it is like a bright spotlight that suddenly light up right on my face. Never has in my mind to be one. But since my parents are so interested, I decided to give it a try. The hardest try that I’ve ever imagined.

Below tips might be useful for those who wanna sit for SPA’s exam. So, there’s no harm to share right? 🙂

Firstly, I set my mind that I can do it. No matter how hard it is, there’s success story. So, it’s not possible.

Although I hate reading the newspaper or anything involving news, nation and politic (how bad I am?haha) I forced myself to read them everyday. I started to read a lot. News, nation facts and histories, government’s and NGO’s agencies and their role key and not to forget all the policies involved. I bought not-so-expensive ebook about PTD’s note which is not too useful. The questions are wayyyy different from the notes but never mind. At least I can picture the question form. And read and read for three weeks until the exam’s date.

I hate the process but I just want to test how far I can go with that kind of effort. I sat in front of my laptop doing the reading from morning until  evening, and rope skipping before sunset. That was my routine for about three weeks. Haha.

And the day came.

Just try your best answering the questions. Time is no joke. They passed like an arrow. There’s not much time for you to google everything up or revise from your notes. If you have to google it, do it very quickly. Very quick means like a speed of light. No time for loading and reading a bunch of paragraph. In the general knowledge section, I left blank about 3 questions. My laptop hanged about few minutes. I thought I would never pass it.

Then the section continued. This time, it is IQ test and Math. I didn’t study much. I just did a quick revision on a few formulas like statistic, surface area and other basic thing because I know the question format. This is the core thing, you have to know what is the scope of the questions. However, I left about 3 questions owing to my laptop condition. Ok. Fine. Again,after quite a lot of questions I didn’t able to answer, I thought that was it. Who’s gonna make you pass if you didn’t even answer the whole question? Haha. Test over and the happiest person is me because the next morning I swear I don’t wanna read even a single news. I feel like vomiting. Ok. Exaggerating.

A week after, as I opened up my email, my jaw dropped.


Never expected this, frankly. And wait, do I need to start again my news-and-reading routine?

Above all, my parents are the happiest person on earth when they knew the news. Whatever comes after this, at least I know I made them happy once.

So, hypothesis is accepted. Im not a useless person. A few days before my online test, I manage to get a job. A lot of good things happened at the beginning of this year or I’m just lucky. Whatever it is, Alhamdulillah.

last battle

Tomorrow would be my very first job interview in 2016. If there’s a time that I should stop attending interview – and land on a job, this is the exact time. I just hope this time I will nail it. I’m hoping this is my last job interview. Like seriously.

Frankly, it is quite tiring to be a hardcore job hunter. Part of you keep pushing you to the limit, while another part of you just want to have a long sleep, as if sleeping will hush away all those uncertainties in your life – unfortunately, it won’t. You will wake up from the long sleep, end up staring to the blank, white ceiling – trying to figure out how to live again for another day.

If I got any choices, I wouldn’t be so busy hunting for a job. Rather, I will marry someone decent, staying at home – taking care of our cute kiddos, cook for the family and running some personal businesses.

Dreams aside, I hope I can deliver the best for tomorrow’s interview. I must be the best among the best that I’ve ever been before. I wanna fight as if it is my last battle on earth. Perhaps after I get the job, I would meet that decent someone, and all my dreams would finally come true.

Please God, I really want this job.

the thumbprint

Oh Crap! Crap!

I just knew that the thumbprint was actually used as my attendance record which lead to my paycheck at the end of the month. Meaning to say, every single day I have to scan my thumbprint at 8 am and again before return home, at 5 pm. I forgot that I’m actually working here instead of being a student. Hmm, okay. My bad.

So, it is a waste that I came here before without thumbprint. It has been 4- 5 days! I don’t know how much I lost on that. Nobody ever told me about that! Yeah, in this level nobody should never tell you anything, except asked.

Met Mr Chan, discussed about our project. He asked what I’ve read and I can see he started to compare me with his previous Diploma student. It was said that she (the Diploma student) is so talented in doing this and that tests and procedures. He said, “Why not you? I believe you can do better than her”

Seeing from a positive view, yes I’m all motivated in this – and I should prove that I’m not a wrong person they chosed (even I started to feel so).

*Got an old cell phone from my sis. The space memory is so disappointing that I couldn’t have my Instagram and Facebook in. and my LinkedIn and my Twitter and my WordPress and my BestFont and my Vscocam and my whatsoever apps that I used to have. But Alhamdulillah above all. :]

Student room

Institute of Bioscience, UPM